1 year to celebrate 100 years

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Recognition was given to Dr Angela Margarita Matos Imbert for her career as a paediatrician in the Dominican Republic. 

Three young people living in Europe represented the TA at the 4th International Congress on the Care of Creation held on the eve of WYD in Lisbon. They and a young woman who travelled to Lisbon from t...

The 19th General Assembly, the Centenary Assembly, was brought to a close by Gregoria Ruiz, the new TA President, on 15 August. The members of the new General Council also took part.

On 14 August, we had the election of a new General Council for the Teresian Association. It took place at the end of the 19th General Assembly which concluded in Santa María de Los Negrales on 15 Augu...

Towards WYD 2023

The Teresian Association on the go with the youth towards the encounter in Lisbon.

Synodal Journey

The Teresian Association wants to join the call and put its best energies to collaborate in the ecclesial conversion that the Pope asks of us.

About Us

The Teresian Association is an International Association of the Faithful of the Catholic Church.

Some focal points or topics that we would like to open up for conversation and reflection.