1 year to celebrate 100 years

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  • In the name of God, I ask you: stop this massacre!


  • May the communication with one another engender peace…


  • We want our journey as a people to be a school of fellowship.


  • Now is the time… to lavish mercy, to have and give peace.



At the end of May, the Asia Youth Leadership Program of the Teresian Association concluded with the online “graduation” and the awarding of certificates to participants.

The Teresian Association’s Centro Virgen María de África school in Equatorial Guinea held a gathering of parents and teachers in Malabo on Sunday, 21 May.

Young people of the Teresian Association group in the capital of DR Congo wanted to live the Easter send-off by visiting the elderly in a retirement home and bringing them joy.

It's a little dizzying to see how fast the days are passing and how little time is left before the WYD Lisbon 2023 begins...

Towards WYD 2023

The Teresian Association on the go with the youth towards the encounter in Lisbon.

Synodal Journey

The Teresian Association wants to join the call and put its best energies to collaborate in the ecclesial conversion that the Pope asks of us.

About Us

The Teresian Association is an International Association of the Faithful of the Catholic Church.

Some focal points or topics that we would like to open up for conversation and reflection.