On Saturday 3 December, the first International IT Youth Meeting was held on the occasion of Poveda's birthday and part of the journey to WYD 2023.

The 1st International TA Youth Meeting was held with the initial participation of about seventy young people from Argentina, Belgium, Spain, Guatemala, India, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Palestine, the Philippines, the Holy Land and the USA with about thirty adults accompanying the young people also from different countries.

It was a bilingual meeting, lasting a couple of hours during which the participants experienced a moment of welcome in plenary and then they were invited to small groups to dialogue and to express their conclusions creatively focusing around 3 expressions:

  • “Observing what’s happening from a balcony” (Pope Francis);
  • “Mary arose and went with haste” (Lk 1:39, motto of WYD 2023);
  • “Young people can conquer the world, no more and no less” (Pedro Poveda).

compuesto padlet

Back to the main hall of the online meeting, a spokesperson from each group shared the expression –verbal or symbolic– that could summarize what they had discussed in the small groups. Some of these expressions could be seen in a padlet app wall that was shared.

The meeting ended with a space for prayer, in which the participants were invited to be light in the different realities in which they are immersed.

TA WYD Commission.





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