The University of Seville has honoured Consuelo Flecha García with an award in recognition of her life-long dedication to fostering equality in the classroom and in society in general.

The occasion for the presentation of the diploma and trophy was at the 1st Edition of the Recognition of Best Practices in Gender Equality 2023. It took place on 12 April in the auditorium of the University in a ceremony presided over by the Rector Miguel Ángel Castro.

premiadosPeople and groups who were awarded with the sculpture-trophy by Ralitsa Stoilova.

This award acknowledges the efforts that have been made in the field of equality. For the first year of this event, five categories were identified: Lifetime work in equality received by Consuelo Flecha García and Miguel Lorente Acosta; Work on education in the field of equality; Research in the field of equality; Work supporting conciliation and shared responsibility and the fostering of a culture of respect; and harmony and equality in the university community and prevention of gender-based violence.

The wisdom of life

In presenting her with the award, the rector said that “if we had to choose one person whose work has contributed significantly to the implementation and consolidation of a culture of equality in general and at the University of Seville, it would be our colleague Consuelo”. He highlighted some points in her university career and added that Consuelo Flecha is “above all a great woman and feminist who is now part of our heritage. Many of us who are here have learned from you, not only through your academic wisdom but also through your wisdom of life”.

C Flecha

Consuelo Flecha García, Professor of History of Education at the University of Seville, founding member of the Women's Studies Seminar at the University of Seville, is a member of the research group “Women, Welfare and Citizenship” that is in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Seville. She is regarded as a specialist in all aspects of women's education throughout history, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries and the present day.

Consuelo is a member of the Spanish Association for Studies on the History of Women. She has a long list of publications and has participated in a large number of conferences and congresses. She also directs the Chair of History of the Teresian Association.

She has received several awards and recognitions: in 2009 the Seville City Council awarded her the 12th Women's Prize; the 2012 Meridiana Prize for initiatives that further the development of values for equality among young people awarded by the Department for Equality in the Andalusian Regional Government; the CEU Fernando III Prize for Educational Innovation (2016); the City Medal awarded by Seville City Council (2017); and in 2019 the Fama Prize conferred by the University of Seville.

More information about the event on the 12th can be found on the University ‘Equality’ website.

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