Dinorah García Romero, rector of the “Instituto Superior Especializado de Estudios Educativos Pedro Poveda”, ISESP, has been invested as a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic in a ceremony in which she was sworn in and received the proper symbols and titles that accredit her.

The ceremony, held on October 5, began with the words of the president of the Academy, Dr. Luis Scheker Ortiz. He highlighted the importance of the event for its meaning for the academic field in the Dominican society and for having such a distinguished researcher for the Academy of Sciences.

Afterwards, Dr. Radhames Mejia, Coordinator of the Education Commission of the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic, presented the biography of Dr. Dinorah Garcia Romero. He highlighted the family background, her status as a member of the Teresian Association, her studies, the positions held in the public and private sector, especially her role as rector of the “Instituto Superior Especializado de Estudios Educativos Pedro Poveda”, ISESP and General Coordinator of the “Centro Cultural Poveda”. He also emphasized her research, publications and a variety of articles on the educational reality and highlighted her participation in different organizations and civil society platforms.

Socio-educational change

Dinorah García Romero then presented her speech entitled, “Attitude towards Socio-educational Change and Educational Practice of teachers of Districts 06-05 of the Regional Education 06 of La Vega and 10-03 of the Regional Education 10 of Santo Domingo”.

dinorah garcia romeroThe objectives of this research are oriented, at the general level, to identify and analyze the permanence and variability of the attitude towards socio-educational change and educational practice of teachers in public schools of the Educational Districts specified in the discourse. In turn, the specific objectives underline the relationships established between the attitude towards socio-educational change and the factors that compose it: research, critical thinking, participation and information and communication technology.

Particularly significant was the moment of placing the sash on the invested, the presentation of the certificate that guarantees her inclusion as a Full Member of the Academy, the Code of Ethics that governs the actions of this entity, the medal awarded by the Academy, as well as the distinctive button of this institution.


The ceremony was attended by Dinorah’s family, board of the Academy, members of the Teresian Association, of ISESP, the Dominican Association of Universities, ADOU, vice ministers of the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, staff of the Poveda Cultural Center, friends and collaborators.

At the end of the ceremony a toast was offered. It was the time of congratulations, photos and shared joy.

The ceremony was marked by emotion and gratitude to the Lord of the Sciences for presenting the Teresian Association with new challenges to strengthen consistency and innovation in the development of its evangelizing mission in the country.


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