InteRed has concluded an education agreement in Bolivia that is being very well received by the education authorities of the indigenous peoples. This is the culmination of four years of work on interculturality and intra-culturality in order to provide depatriarchalising education.

ana bolivia aecidOn 1 December 2022, Ana Arancibia, Director of InteRed, participated in the closing ceremony of the agreement together with local authorities and the Cooperación Española in Bolivia. They have been supporting and encouraging the improvements achieved over the past four years of working together in conjunction with the departmental or district directorates of the educational communities and InteRed's local partner organizations in this country.

Priorities and directions

In order to help guarantee the right of indigenous children and adolescents to an inclusive, equitable, relevant and quality basic education, the agreement prioritises educational research and innovation. It also gives particular importance to teacher training and education, and the creation of updated and contextualised teaching materials in order to implement regionalised curricula (curricula of each indigenous people, approved by the Ministry of Education).

Furthermore, the intervention is aimed at the revitalisation of the languages, cultures and worldviews of indigenous peoples. This is to strengthen leadership structures and the social participation of students, teachers, mothers, fathers and indigenous and educational authorities. These include processes and proposals for social and political advocacy, with special attention given to improving communication and dissemination structures.

consejos educativos bolivia

Education Boards. Bolivia.

The Coordinator of Cooperación Española in Bolivia, Juan Pita, noted that when the pandemic broke out and everything came to a standstill, InteRed and its local organisations did not do so. This was very important for many people. The event also included testimonies from education authorities and indigenous peoples involved in the Agreement. It was financed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID).

InteRed has been working in Bolivia on this agreement for the past four years in the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba, Potosí and Chuquisaca. Eli Saucedo, Betzabé Zambrano and Josefina Soriano, TA members, represented ACAC--Asociación Cultural Amistad y Ciencia--InteRed's local organisation in this agreement.

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InteRed Bolivia.

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