Elisa Estévez, theologian and member of the TA, and Álvaro Galera, from the Fundación Ciudadanía Global, gave a joint talk on 11 November to close the CoLabIT activity.

The online presentation was entitled "Leadership and socio-political advocacy modelled on Jesus" and was followed by about two hundred people.

Due to the interest aroused, we offer the possibility of accessing the recording of the talk, both in the original Spanish and in the simultaneous translations made in English, French and Italian.

Click here to access the videos on the CoLabIT website. transparent click hand

barca de xto

CoLabIT is a TA training experience that has aimed to deepen concepts, methodologies and practices related to online networking and collaborative articulation systems, as well as to carry out practices supported by digital social technologies in order to strengthen networking and collaboration in our international and local teams.

The participants affirm that thanks to the social methodologies addressed and facilitated by the Tejeredes team, the roles of facilitators, companions and sherpas, this laboratory of collaborative practices has allowed them to get to know each other better. In addition, as a practice, they have teamed up with six teachers from the Colegio Teresa Martin in Guatemala to propose alternative solutions to a challenge from this concrete reality.






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