A scholarship endowment named after the founder of the Teresian Association has already helped five university students of Palestine.

The genesis of the St. Pedro Poveda Endowed Scholarship (SPPES) at Bethlehem University (BU) can be traced back to 2012, ten years ago!  and was established through the initiative of two PA members working at BU Library, on behalf of the Holy Land group. They were encouraged and supported by their Sector Director.

It was Poveda’s evangelizing ministry with the poor in Guadix, empowering the young through education, that inspired and moved them to start a modest financial base pooled from the funds of their Holy Land group which unhesitatingly and generously agreed with the laudable educational project. From a small beginning, the funds gradually grew, thanks to the prayers and generous hearts of TA members worldwide as well as family, relatives, supporters, and friends. 

After a decade, this year in 2022, the funds swelled overwhelmingly. In the span of ten years we have helped in the formation and promotion of four university students at Bethlehem University. They were featured in the university Magazine:


Currently, a new Bethlehem University scholar, Mai Maliha –who majors in Software Engineering– sends the donors her thank-you letter, here they are excerpts from it.

Dear Members of the Teresian Association,
My name is Mai Maliha. I am a 2nd year student at Bethlehem University majoring in Software Engineering. I chose to study at Bethlehem University because of its well-known reputation as an institution that provides excellent and quality higher education. I feel proud to be a student at Bethlehem University. I have always had deep passion for Mathematics and Technology and this explains why I decided to study Software Engineering.
I am tremendously grateful for being selected as the recipient of the Saint Pedro Poveda Endowed Scholarship. The support of the Teresians to Bethlehem University female students is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. You have given me hope and encouragement to become a better person as I know that you truly believe in the power of education in a troubled land like Palestine.
Sincerely yours,
Mai Maliha


Mai Maliha, in the centre, with councellor Gregoria Ruiz (left), and TA members in Holy Land.

From the Holy Land TA group, they add: We are inviting you to join us with your prayers in this exciting journey and laudable educational project giving the youth of the Holy Land the opportunity to make a difference in the society, responding to the challenge of Bethlehem University: “enter to learn, leave to serve.” It is indeed reassuring to note that some of our graduates have assumed leadership roles in both private and public spheres of work in Bethlehem and elsewhere.

Let us implement and experience the “ripple effect” in sharing the good news that education indeed liberates. With your prayers, you too, can make a difference in the lives of the youth at Bethlehem University.

Mellie Brodeth.




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