Wednesday, 22 September 2021 11:27

IT Youth Philippines Annual Launching

MANILA. Philippines

O youth, you can conquer the world, no more no less!” This theme reverberated near to 150 young people from the different islands of the Philippines gathered virtually for the launching of the annual program of IT Youth, the youth movement of the TA in this country.

Last September 12, 2021, 146 young people from the schools and universities and youth ministers convened to kick off the IT Youth this school year. There was also a participant from Dubai and observers from India, Italy and Chicago. The virtual encounter started with ‘Getting to Know You’ animated by very dynamic facilitators. The participants appreciated this activity very much as it allowed them to meet and get to know other young people from the different parts of the country.

it youth phils annual launching 2A brief introduction of the IT Youth with a video of formation encounters and activities was presented by Lara Argana, a youth facilitator from Manila. She stated that, “IT Youth is not just about praying but also about action.” She also added that their ongoing formation equips them to organize formation sessions with their fellow youth. Lara convincingly said that the grace of God makes them become His instruments.


The highlight of the gathering was the powerful testimony of two participants. Josephine Rose “Mahal” Labor, an ACIT member from Davao, who was orphaned when she was a teenager, recounted her IT Youth journey. IT Youth opened new doors for her to once again see the goodness of the Lord after shutting herself out from the world. The presence of the Teresian Association is a life saving and life transforming experience for her. She is able to conquer the challenges of her teaching journey in this pandemic because she was filled with joy and faith during her younger years. She is married to a former IT Youth and now they are both members of ACIT Philippines.

The second sharer, Michael Angelo Manuel, representative of IT Youth - Manila, expressed enthusiastically on behalf of other IT Youth members, how their curiosity was unfolded and their mind-boggling questions about the Teresian Association were answered as they grew up in the IT Youth. But the most significant question for them is , “Why do we stay committed?” It is because of the undying belief of the TA members in their capacity and gifts that fuel their hearts to believe and use their gifts and become the best version of themselves. The spirit of joy and inner strength keep them passionate in doing things for IT Youth. He compared their growth in the IT Youth to a binhi or seed that is watered and nurtured. They have learned to adapt to different environments no matter what kind of calamity they may encounter. The TA, their family and friends serve as their sunlight to deepen their roots and become sturdy which make them live and strive for their dreams. They are so well- grounded in their faith that they cannot be blown away even by the strongest wind.

Undoubtedly, Mahal and Michael have testified to the call of conquering the world by their life of faith relying on the overflowing grace and boundless love of God.

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Hope and enthusiasm

Finally, the plans and programs of the organization were presented by Remia Delfin, the national coordinator of the Teresian Association Youth Ministry (TAYM). To wrap up the launching, EJ Innis quoted an insight from the participants, “The youth are not only the hope of the society but also the hope of the Church.” Indeed, this pandemic cannot stop the young people of the Philippines from responding to Pedro Poveda’s challenge to young people to transform the world.

The different activities and the participation of those who attended flowed smoothly and creatively. Thanks to our joyful and enthusiastic Emcees, Joni Alingalan and Venus Somblingo.

Kudos to the TAYM national and local coordinating teams who were behind the launching, working tirelessly to make this event a success!

Novelyn Calizar, Manila.


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