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Equatorial Guinea Alumni, following a path of formation

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea

Alumni of the TA in Equatorial Guinea continue to follow a programme of encounters, they have recently hold their fifth gathering.

For some years now, the Permanent Commission of Alumni (AA) of Equatorial Guinea is making its journey of formation and training.

In the training plan of this last year they wanted to deepen their knowledge of the Teresian Association and what it means to be “TA family” assuming its values and way of being salt in the world.

guineacollageUnity and cooperation

guinea saludosThe V Meeting of AA was held on Saturday 11th May and the central activity was a gymkhana about the Teresian Association, as can be seen in the photographs.

In the welcoming words, the symbol of this day was announced:

"In this meeting we want to have the symbol of a path, a road. The road that we have travelled to be here, the path we are called to follow throughout our life, the path we are on and we rediscover.
It is always a joy to meet again. For some of us more years have passed since they came through this door and others less, but the most important thing is to find ourselves as a family and remember those experiences that have undoubtedly left traces in our history, also remember those people who remain present in our collective memory. This is a reason for gratitude.

The afternoon was enlivened with the presentation of the groups, cooperative games and a shared refreshment, while pictures of the history of the last meetings were displayed. The gathering finished with the outlining of what was learned and suggestions for new calls.

Enthusiastic about meeting

The IV Meeting of TA Alumni from the “Virgin Mary of Africa” College in Malabo was held in December 2018. On that occasion they watched and commented together about the film "Poveda".

Some ask to have not only two meetings a year, but four! They insist on having more time for reflection on identity and current issues. There are also voices that ask for more activity and sport to fight against sedentary lifestyle. And everyone wants more communication and publicity of the meetings.

Go ahead! We are united to do good! This is the motto that accompanies them since their first meeting.

guinea collage2

Text: IT Guinea.



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