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Victoria Díez, life witness among the youngsters of the World Youth Day

PANAMÁ, World Youth Day 2019.

Victoria Díez will be present at the next World Youth Day to be held in Panamá from 22 to 27 of January 2019, with the theme “I am the servant of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.” (Lk 1:38).

UnknownOn the occasion of the apostolic exhortation of Pope Francis, Gaudete et exultate. On the call to holiness in today's world, a didactic exhibition on holiness in the youth world will be held to help find testimonies of people who walk with us and precede us in the goal towards holiness. Blessed Victoria Díez will be one of these people.

The focal point of the exhibition will be the Servant of God, Cardinal Eduardo Pironio, who, under the direction of Pope John Paul II, iniciated the World Youth Day. Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, "the man of the Beatitudes" will also be a reference witness in Panama, as in other WYT. In this context, Victoria Díez, the young teacher of the Teresian Association who gave her life in the town of Hornachuelos, confessing her faith in Jesus Christ, the 12 of August, 1936, offers herself as a witness of sanctity valid for the young people of today.


Her testimony of generosity, her faith and self giving to Jesus Christ and to others -especially those in need- open a horizon of meaning giving sense to our life as Christinas.

As she herself wrote in her diaries:

«I resolved not to look at myself but to Jesus, to Him I consecrated the people, the soul of my girls, and I repeat it every hour, every moment. He gives me strength, he sustains me, otherwise I do not know what would happen to me.»

Victoria recognizes and discerns her calling to follow Jesus contemplating and acting in her sorrounding reality.

Let us ask for his intercession that many young people find their vocation inspired by her.

Text: Emilia Paniagua Risueño.

More about Victoria Díez: in English; e Italiano.



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