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New team in Acit Joven, spanish youth movement of the TA

MADRID, Spain.

Under the slogan "If it's with you, I risk my life", in mid-October the XIII Assembly of Acit Joven, Youth Movement of the Teresian Association in Spain was held in Santa Maria de los Negrales, Madrid. Young people, group leaders and the members of the National Commission, shared, evaluated and celebrated the last three years of the Movement, designed the action plan for the next three years and elected its new representatives.

Momento de Plenario

On Friday, October 12, a holiday in Spain, Magdalena Alcover, National Coordinator of Acit Joven, opened the Assembly at a table shared with Camino Cañón, Director of the Sector of Spain, and Rufino Gregorio, Vice President of the ACIT Spain Federation.

One of the most moving moments of the day was the prayer in the crypt in which we presented God and San Pedro Poveda our journey during the triennium. The day concluded with the presentation of the young candidates to the National Commission: Mar Dabán, Pilar Fernández, María Fuensanta Sáez, Ángela Linares, Salva Rivas, Marta Zamora and Aurora Zunino, who shared their path at AJ and the reasons that led them to continue to be involved in its life from the National Commission.

We began the session of Saturday the 13th in the meeting room, with a prayer that provoked in us a climate of mercy.

jovenesaj23asambleaNext to it, the working document was presented by the subcommittee that had prepared it. Its main question was: "As young AJ member, as Movement, what do the different realities in which we find ourselves are asking us?"

Our answers were offered from the Gospel, the Instrumentum Laboris of the Synod of Bishops on young people, the document "Get out of your land" of the Assembly of all Associations a.e. and the writings of Pedro Poveda.

We also watched several videos with experiences of encounter coming from the preparation work of the young Militants for the Assembly.

The document was shared in small groups to then bring the result of this work to the plenary. Some of the ideas that were discussed were: the confirmation of the lack of harmony between the institutional message of the Church and the message of young people; the need to know better the Teresian Association in order to be able to communicate our identity as a young AJ, as a young TA; and the need to be accompanied in the search for one's vocation. We also focus our reflection on people who live in periphery situations and on the importance of knowing the projects of the Institution to get involved in them.

Action Plan main focuses:

-Keep the objective of the last three years regarding social transformation with a new look.

-Participate actively in the life of the Church from our charism and character of young AJ.

-Deepen the knowledge of the Teresian Institution.

-Favour the accompaniment.

-Improve internal communication.

Voting of new objectives:

-Prioritize the personal accompaniment in individual and group processes to discover our calling in this moment.

-To live our membership in the Church by proposing new languages, forms of welcome, forms of participation... that reflect what we believe and lead us to dialogue.

-To continue working for social transformation, starting with our closest reality.

Nueva Comisión Nacional de ACIT Joven

From that we decided to:

-Promote our formation and deepening of the TA charism and the knowledge of the diverse realities where it is alive, facing a real implication.

-Improve coordination and communication to reach our aims on what we propose as a Movement.

We begin the day on Sunday by praying in the crypt. Then, and maintaining the prayerful climate, we voted for the election of young representatives of the new National Commission. The new members are: Mar Dabán, Pilar Fernández, María Fuensanta Sáez, Ángela Linares, Salva Rivas, Marta Zamora and Aurora Zunino, all of them welcomed by the outgoing Commission.

Then the National Coordinator, Magdalena Alcover, thanked all of us for making the Assembly possible and Camino Cañón, sector director of Spain, congratulated the new Commission. They warmly accepted the youngsters' requests of formation and accompaniamnet to the Teresian Association.

We finish the Assembly with the celebration of the Eucharist in the crypt of San Pedro Poveda, there we presented the fruit of our work and we were sent to be witnesses in our places of all that we have received and experienced during these days and throughout our journey in the Movement.

Images of the XIII AJ Assembly, Santa María de los Negrales, 12-14 October 2018.


Text&photos: Information Team. Acit Joven.



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