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Friday, 04 May 2018 00:00

The experience of young people from Peru reminds us of the canonization of St. Pedro Poveda

LIMA, Peru.
Today, May 4, the moment when Pope John Paul II proclaimed Pedro Poveda a saint in Madrid, 2003, comes back to the heart of many members, relatives and friends of the Teresian Association. The testimony of young people of Peru who have lived Easter in a special way invites us to give thanks, "to awaken hope and to persevere on its way."


"I understood, that it is not only about believing in a human Jesus, a Jesus full of love but it is also about putting that belief into practice, beginning to act and beginning a change. (…)

The Passover is not a moment where you only find Jesus: it is also a moment of encounter with yourself; you come to understand that to open yourself to the world you must first be open to yourself ... "Alexi Ribera.


"What is Easter for me? It is a lighter that lit a light in me, a light that I thought I would never see again ... At Easter I cried, laughed, shared part of myself and listened to the testimony of many others. I learned many things and I would like to mention a few:

  • Go against the current. Although many times you will be branded as weird or you may be mocked, you must never fail your beliefs and convictions just to fit in or "avoid" problems.
  • You're not alone ... (…) Believe me, you realize that there are always people willing to listen and help you, you just have to know how to search and dare to find them ...
  • Do not be afraid to live new experiences. ... Dare to leave your comfort zone and break all those stereotypes, taboos and barriers that you have." Sebastián Córdova.

Renew hope and persevere on the path of faith

In December of 2017 a group of young people from the Teresian Association Movement in Peru (MIT-Peru) asked us about the topics young people would like to address in the following Passover. They came up with three main topics: coherence and how this makes us true witnesses of Jesus in everyday life; hope and the importance of persevering in the foundations of our faith with the awareness that it is worthwhile to dare to follow the path of Jesus; and individualism, which manifests itself in the most global acts of indifference as well as in day-to-day acts of indifference.


We lived the paschal triduum in a very fraternal, joyful and reflective atmosphere, remembering that Jesus is always present in the concrete love towards oneself and towards others, in the personal crosses we have to carry and in those of others that we help carry, in the hope of continuing to walk despite the difficulties and continue defending our beliefs.

We participated in prayer groups, which favored the sharing of life experiences. The prayer workshops with the body and bread also helped us.

There were moments of reflection on the true meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus and on his dedication and love towards us. And a consequence of his life, of what she manifested through her and of what she taught, a coherent life that bothered the authorities of that moment. The cross was a consequence of his life, which was coherent, and made the authorities of his time uncomfortable.

We delved into the person of Jesus as a man who made his own decisions, who at times was afraid and confused. Jesus teaches us not only how to bear the weight of our crosses, but also to deeply live out our convictions, to give our lives for others. Accompanying Jesus in his way of the Cross helped us to look again at the foundations that sustain our faith and rethink the true depth of all human life, LOVE UNTIL THE END.


We also addressed the theme of the meaning of our life, which we can find in God and in the mission that he entrusts to us, which is made real in a social commitment. The life of a Christian has no meaning if it is not based on commitment to others; a commitment to service that requires great humility.

Together we celebrated the love of Jesus. It is worth going against the current and generating life from our lives, because our country needs to believe and see. It is worthwhile to follow # ModoJesús and strive to live our utopias.


As part of the organizing team and young people of the Teresian Association, this experience fills us with gratitude to the God of Jesus who inspires and sustains our dreams.

PASCUA JUVENIL IT-2018 from Jóvenes ITPERÚ on Vimeo.


Andrea Elías y Rodrigo Ribarola, members of the organizing team