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Mª Dolores Gómez Molleda is honored in Salamanca: Forgotten Faces

In the celebration of its 800th anniversary, the University of Salamanca has contributed, along with other public institutions, to remember the presence of women in Study Centers, as a tribute to those who once passed through them without the recognition they deserved.


Salamanca's Plaza Mayor has been adorned with the faces of twenty-two university students, mostly rescued from the fog of time, like Lucía de Medrano and the group of the first women enrolled in various departments since the dawn of the 20th century. María Dolores Gómez Molleda is recognized as the first acting President and one of the pioneering professors of the University during the sixties.

0318-2The Exhibition is being very much visited since it is located in the square -heart of the city- and each portrait is connected with the twenty empty medallions that surround it.  On this occasion, the set of forgotten faces are the highlight.

After many years, the group of women selected to be placed in the square become faces in our memory.

Some people visiting the exhibition ROSTROS DEL OLVIDO (Fotgotten faces) are trying to keep those faces present in our memory and in our affection.

The medallion was made by Salud Parada, an artist from Salamanca, who was asked to the painting of Mª Dolores G. Molleda. It so happens that the author is a former student of the University residence of the Teresian Association in Salamanca.

The Exhibition in Plaza Mayor of Salamanca was there until March 15, and from March 17 to May 6, it will be located at the cloister of the Casa de las Conchas.  And, finally, the University of Salamanca will exhibit the works in Hospedería Fonseca, from May 9 to October 31.

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