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“Woman of faith: Maria Josefa Segovia, Meditation…in concert”

MANILA, Philippines.
Last October 10th marked the 125th anniversary of María Josefa Segovia's birth and the Teresian Associatioon in the Philippines celebrated it in a very special way. The renowned "Koro Madrigal” gave a concert in her honor.

Month of October, month during which we celebrate several feasts of Our Lady, month especially dedicated to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary…. We also remember one who has taught us to love Our Lady with her life and her words—Josefa Segovia.   

Just as last year we celebrated the fifth centennial of the birth of Saint Teresa of Jesus, the TA members of Manila decided this year to celebrate the one hundred and twenty-fifth year of the birth of Josefa Segovia.  A preparation of various months bore fruit in a “Meditation…in Concert”.


One of the members of the TA community, Bu Villanueva, undertook the task of doing the script; selecting thoughts and reflections from writings of Josefa Segovia (Spes Nostra, Letters, Inner Yearnings, The Grace of Today, I Will Say Yes) and finding songs that reflected their meaning and gave them light. 

The renowned “Koro Madrigal”, composed of the Alumni of the University of the Philippines Madrigal Singers of friends who have long been our friends gave an excellent and heartfelt interpretation of the songs that touched the heart of the public.  At the end, a grand applause expressed their appreciation and gratitude for having participated in the celebration of this “woman of faith”, witness to the Word of God in her life as a lay person. 

Students, their families, and friends of the Association, music lovers responded to our invitation.  They had the opportunity to participate also in a Holy Mass that followed after the concert on October 15.  We remembered Saint Teresa and we offered to the Lord our petitions through the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God, Josefa Segovia.

Teresita Infante, IT. Philippines



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