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ajThis is a Movement of Christian young people who want to live the Gospel like the first Christian communities.

MIT Giovani

giovaniL’Istituzione Teresiana è una Associazione Internazionale di Laici, che si propone la promozione umana e la trasformazione sociale mediante l’educazione e la cultura a partire dal Vangelo, come voluto dal suo fondatore, sacerdote e martire, San Pedro Poveda.

aaDuring a hundred years the Teresian Association, dedicated to education and knowledge, has directed and managed private and public schools, other educational centers, university residences, and dorms in the countries where it is present. Thus, numerous alumni have had a direct contact with the Association.

The Teresian Association was the prophetic intuition of St. Pedro Poveda during the years of his stay in Covadonga, Asturias, Spain (1906-1913) from where he glimpsed the importance of the educational issue in his country. It is the evolution and summit of his first project, a Catholic Teaching Association and of his commitment born in the Caves of Guadix, where he had founded a school for boys and girls who were then excluded from the educational system. He saw in education, in knowledge, and in the advancement of persons the possibility of a response to the social problems of his time and a privileged space for the encounter of each person with God. This was truly his most genuine and genuine concern.

The Teresian Association is an international lay association of the Catholic Church, founded by Saint Pedro Poveda in 1911, in Covadonga, Asturias (Spain). Lay men and women committed to evangelization, human advancement, and social transformation through education and culture are integrated into it, in various associations and movements.

“The men of God and the women of God are unmistakable.  They do not stand out because they are brilliant, or dazzling, or for their human strength, but because of their wholesome fruit,” wrote Saint Pedro Poveda in a letter in 1925.  These words may describe his life.  He was a weaver of dreams because he was able to dream, design projects, and even achieve some dreams trough his trust in Divine Providence.

Saint Pedro Poveda, priest, educator, founder of the Teresian Association, and martyr was born in Linares, Spain, on December 3, 1874. He died on July 28, 1936 at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. He witnessed to his Christian faith and to his priesthood until his last moment. He was canonized by Pope John Paul II on May 4, 2003.


“My belief, my faith, is not wavering, but firm and unshakable and that is why I speak out.” St. Pedro Poveda, 1920.

OVIEDO, Asturias, 15/10/2011.
Referentes académicas y profesionales de cuatro continentes, compartieron en una mesa redonda su visión sobre el estado de la cuestión, las dificultades y los retos acerca del diálogo ciencia, humanismo y creencia, al final de la mañana del último día del Encuentro Internacional que sobre esa temática se ha desarrollado en el auditorio de la Biblioteca de la Facultad de Humanidades de la Universidad de Oviedo.

COVADONGA, (Asturias) España. 29/05/2011.
En el claustro de la Colegiata de San Fernando de Covadonga se inauguró, ayer, la exposición: “Institución Teresiana: Cien años de vida”, ante la afluencia de numerosos peregrinos. Permanecerá abierta hasta el 15 de agosto.

 “Con el espíritu pongo yo la ciencia y considero que espíritu y ciencia es la forma sustancial de la Institución”. San Pedro Poveda. 
Además de las presencias en Universidades y Cátedras universitarias, la Institución Teresiana coordina las propuestas educativas de una serie de Colegios Mayores, Residencias Universitarias y de Posgrado, fiel a su larga trayectoria iniciada en 1911. 



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