Course on Josefa Segovia’s Chair

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Josefa Segovia’s Chair, Lay Mysticism and Spirituality, started with a course on November 12-14, with the theme of “A Paradigm of Lay Spirituality, Josefa Segovia.”

The gathering took place at CITeS – Universidad de la Mística, (Comunidad Internacional Teresiano Sanjuanista, de los Padres Carmelitas) in Avila and it started at 6:00 PM on November 12 with a welcoming and dinner.

Throughout the weekend topics like lay mysticism and spirituality were discussed. Discussions centered on Josefa Segovia, first General Directress of the Teresian Association and whose process for beatification and canonization is underway. She was the closest collaborator of St. Pedro Poveda at the start of the Teresian Association.

The booklet on this first course states that the Chair’s objective is to “show that lay spirituality can develop specific aspects that are typical of a mystical experience.” At the same time, it aims at deepening into the spiritual experience of Josefa Segovia, who opened new paths to the laity, and to show the deep connection with the experience of God in Saint Teresa of Jesus.

The booklet also reminds us that the creation of the Chair coincided with the preparation of the First Centenary of the Teresian Association. Thus, this was an opportunity to deepen into the experience of Josefa Segovia, of whom Saint Pedro Poveda said: “the spirit of the Work is personified in you.” In Poveda’s school, Josefa Segovia incarnates a way of feeling, thinking, and living faith, of maintaining friendship with God in the midst of daily work and responsibilities. This makes her a paradigm of lay spirituality, opening new paths to the Christian faith in the Church of the 20th century.

According to the booklet, the Chair aims at “generating and maintaining networks of people and lay groups that may be willing to go deeper into one’s ‘own interior castle,’ using St. Teresa’s expression, and to be like salt, which gives flavor and pleasure to life in the midst of the plural and secularized societies of today.”

The booklet also highlights that the Chair’s goal is to become a space of inner experience and theological-spiritual reflection from an ongoing dialogue among faith, virtue, and knowledge; among faith, justice, and cultures; among faith and the vital issues that occupy and vex the heart of contemporary men and women. It aims at underlying the mystical dimension as a natural summit of the Christian experience of God, having Josefa Segovia as a qualified witness, and it offers a platform for communication and dialogue with other lay spiritualties that are alive in the Church.”


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