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The Seventh Conference on Josefa Segovia Chair has taken place

ÁVILA, Spain.
The Josefa Segovia Chair at CITeS-University of Mysticism closed its VII Conference on March 19. The theme was “Espiritualidad ante un cambio de paradigma. Cuestiones emergentes” (Spirituality before a paradigm shift. Emerging Issues).

The theme aimed at answering new questions that appear at the beginning of the XXI century. It dealt with spirituality as a dimension of the living reality, with the following question: is spirituality a dimension of biology? Also, the need for the recognition of our interiority to be human and live a fully human life in the face of the abduction of the same by our Western civilization was affirmed.

The Josefa Segovia Chair, in this conference, challenged us to discern the present times, study trends in the field of spirituality and think of how to integrate these new approaches into Christian spirituality, in dialogue with other spiritualties. Thus, the various sessions that were part of this seventh conference were scheduled:

Dr. Ramón Mª. Nogués Carulla, in his keynote, "Spirituality and Religions: A Creative Disagreement", spoke of spirituality from an anthropological-biological perspective.

Next, Dr. José Antonio Pagola Elorza gave his talk on "The hour of truth. Towards an inner renewal of our Christianity."

In the afternoon, Dr. Francisco Javier Sancho Fermín addressed the topic of spirituality from a theological perspective with his talk titled "Enter into yourself." This theological perspective was complemented by Dr. Carmen Aparicio Valls, who spoke on "The spirituality of incarnation in a changing world."

On Saturday evening, singer Julia León offered a recital, “through the soul paths in different cultures,” with which she presented another form of spirituality: aesthetics, through dance, music and singing. She was accompanied by Iñaki Aguirre and dancer Geliah.

The conference concluded on Sunday morning with a roundtable, chaired by Inmaculada González Villa.  The speakers were experts on various spiritualties: Esther Bendaham, Judaism; Jaume Flaquer, Islam; Karma Tenpa and Lucas Burgueño, Buddhism; and Camino Cañón, non-religious spirituality.

For further information: CiTes - Universidad de la mísitica

Carmen Azaustre