Josefa Segovia Chair (CITes)


Josefa Segovia Chair at CITeS - University of Mysticism, Ávila, Spain, started its activity in Novermber, 2010. 

ÁVILA, Spain.
The Josefa Segovia Chair at CITeS-University of Mysticism closed its VII Conference on March 19. The theme was “Espiritualidad ante un cambio de paradigma. Cuestiones emergentes” (Spirituality before a paradigm shift. Emerging Issues).

ÁVILA, Spain.
Since its creation, in 2011, the Josefa Segovia Chair at CiTes - University of Mysticism, has conducted annual activities and has published books on them in Spanish.


C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 88. 28006 Madrid, ESPAÑA