MADRID, Spain.
The POVEDA film was premiered in Madrid on February 25.  Almost 700 guests as well as the director, Pablo Moreno, and the artistic and technical cast participated in the event.

On her first visit to the island of Cuba, the President of the Teresian Association went to the Shrine of El Cobre, and before the Patroness of all Cubans she presented the evangelizing work that members of this International Association of Laity hold in the diocese of Holguin, Cuba.


Addressing a group of Cuban laity of the Diocese of Holguín, the president of the Teresian Association, Maite Uribe Bilbao, invited the participants to live their baptismal responsibility in the midst of a changing society, stressing several important aspects in their formation.

On 10 December, around the celebration of the Promulgation of Human Rights and the Ninth Congress on Prevention and attention to abuse against children and adolescents, the National Commission on Children and Adolescence recognized Pedro Poveda Foundation with an award for its respect for the rights of children and adolescents. This award recognizes the work Pedro Poveda Foundation performs on behalf of children and adolescents in Guatemala.

MANILA, Philippines.
Trust, Strength in Weakness.  This is the title of the letter for the Year 2016 written in Manila, Philippines, by the President of the Teresian Association.  It is addressed to those who participate in the spirituality and mission of St. Pedro Poveda.


JAÉN, Spain.
On November 29, about 120 people from Arrayanes Project (Linares) and Rajab Project (Jaén) got together.  The event took places in Vilches, Jaén

MADRID, Spain.
On November 21, the Teresian Association (TA) celebrates the 25th anniversary of the approval of its Statutes by the Pontifical Council for the Laity as a private International Association of the Faithful, as it was founded in 1911 by Saint Pedro when he was a canon in Covadonga, Asturias.


MADRID, Spain.
"I was a stranger and you welcomed me" (Matthew 25: 35). The Pentecost Ecumenical Forum has convened a round table for November 12 on the occasion of the arrival of Syrian refugees and immigrants in Madrid. Everyone of good will is welcome to attend the round table. 

LEON, Spain.
On October 2, an exhibition of paintings, "The Interior Castle," opened with twenty-one pictures by Maria Teresa Martínez Ugalde.


ROME Italy.
"The transforming power of prayer in Santa Teresa" was the title of the national congress to celebrate the V Centenary of the birth of the St. Teresa, held in Rome on October 10. The ceremony took place at the Gregorian University. They were many participants, coming from various parts of Italy, who filled the large auditorium.



C/ Príncipe de Vergara, 88. 28006 Madrid, ESPAÑA