MADRID, Spain.
On June 9, a book on Maria Josefa Segovia Morón, written by Marisa Rodriguez and published by the Narcea Editions, was presented at the auditorium of Colegio Mayor Padre Poveda.  The title of the book is “Voy a decir sí” (I am going to say yes).

MADRID, Spain.
The Council for Culture of the Teresian  Association initiates a space for reflection under the title "Question marks," written by Manuela Aguilera, its Director, who says that "one of the purposes of this Council  is to encourage reflection and the creation of thought."

In a beautiful ceremony that brought together politicians, educators from various places, family, friends, and the educational community of the Teresian School, Angela Maria de Lacerda Corrêa received the highest recognition from the city of Rio de Janeiro on May 9: Pedro Ernesto Merit Medals for her work as a teacher and educator.

LIMA, Peru.
We share an experience of the Youth Movement of the Teresian Association in Peru (TA Youth - Peru) during the last Easter, in Lima.  It is written by the young people who participated. Even though liturgically we are in ordinary time, it is worth returning to this experience that has a projection into the future.


GUADIX, Spain.
On May 7, a group of the Rajab Project that welcomes Immigrants shared an experience with women from the Poveda Socio-Cultural Center in Guadix, a meaningful place for the Teresian Association.

GENEVA, Switzerland.
Important discussions at the UN, Geneva, show that the role of civil society in favor of education is alive. From Geneva, Berta Marco, reflects on this topic


On Saturday, April 23, the film POVEDA premiered in Hoyts La Reina Cinemas in Santiago de Chile.  Francisca Feria Martin, Director of the Teresian Association in Chile, and Julio Pozo, of “Productora Aerópago,” presented the film to an audience who filled the movie theater. Chile was the first country to receive the educational activity of the Teresian Association outside Spain, in 1928.

DUBLIN, Ireland. 

Thursday 25th February saw the second major event celebrating 50 years of the Teresian School take place. 

MADRID, Spain.
A new App for mobile devices with the content of the book "I have something to tell you, Pedro Poveda,” published by Narcea Editions, may be downloaded.


On Tuesday, April 12 at 4:00 PM, the film POVEDA was screened in Cardinal Deskur room of the Vatican Film Library, located at San Carlo Palace, before representatives of dicasteries, congregations and religious orders, lay associations, priests and media.


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