MADRID, Spain.
The English version of the new website dedicated to Saint Pedro Poveda was published at the beginning of 2017, www.pedropoveda.org/en.

In one of the halls of the Vatican building, "Notre Dame Center of Jerusalem," the film POVEDA was screened before an international audience on December 10.

MANILA, Philippines.
The film POVEDA finally arrived in the Philippines. The premiere was held in Manila on December 3, 2016 as had been planned – that it take place as a celebration of the day of his birth.    

LEÓN, Spain.
Since January 11, the Teresian Association in León has celebrated a series of commemorative events to celebrate one hundred years of its presence in that city.


LEÓN, Spain.
As part of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of Saint Teresa School in León, the city's post office has issued a commemorative stamp.


GUATEMALA, Guatemala.
"Merciful young people, like the Father" was the motto of the Teresian Association of Guatemala to convene a Youth Day on December 18, with the aim of offering young people a space for prayer, reflection and celebration, centered on the Word of God. Participating young people were also motivated to constitute a group of young people of the Teresian Association to continue their formation.


MADRID, Spain.
The National Library of Spain has published an index of authors whose written work becomes public domain after eighty years since their death, as of January 1, 2017.  Among them is Pedro Poveda.


The year 2016 has come to an end. Since March 4, date of the premiere of the film POVEDA in Spain, it has been screened in several cities of many countries with very positive feedback and, above all, the possibility to share the life and message of Saint Pedro Poveda. In this note Rosario Alvez reflects on the screening of the film in movie theaters in Montevideo and Paysandú, Uruguay.

MORENO, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Teresian Association in Argentina has assumed the management of a new schoolin 2016, Fahy Institute, in the Municipality of Moreno located in the western area of the so-called "Greater Buenos Aires." It is an agricultural technical school with three levels of education through secondary education, founded by the Association of Ladies of Saint Joseph (Irish community) in the late nineteenth century.

PARIS, France. 
The Spanish department of the Catholic University of Paris celebrated seventy years of activity on December 8. The party, organized around three round tables, summoned many people of all ages: faculty, colleagues, students, family, friends.

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