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Pedro Poveda School in Palma de Mallorca celebrates St. Teresa of Jesus


Pedro Poveda School, Palma de Mallorca, started the celebrations for the V Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa on October 21. Paula Moyano and Teresa Heras, students of "Communication Processes,” share this news.

On Tuesday, October 21, the entire educational community of Pedro Poveda School in Palma de Mallorca celebrated a Mass to commemorate the centenary of St. Teresa of Jesus.  This year we will get to know her thoroughly and she will encourage us to live the year under the theme: "Walk with me. So many places, so many undiscovered fields."

Students, teachers, and parents who were able to attend met at the school entrance, where we celebrated the Eucharist, presided by Fr. Toni Guardiola. To start, a group of students surprised us with a puppet through which they narrated chapters of the life of St. Teresa of Avila. 


As usual, the celebration was lively and participatory. All the classes shared a sentence written on a piece of a puzzle highlighting some aspect they are working on. Also, the music group encouraged the celebration with their songs. 

Once again, all of us who make up the family of Pedro Poveda School shared in an atmosphere of celebration.

Paula Moyano and Teresa Heras 
Students of Communication Processes at Pedro Poveda School, Palma de Mallorca.


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