Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:00

Beginning of the 5th Centenary of the birth of St Teresa of Avila


MADRID, Spain.
The Teresian Association (TA), together with the whole Church, starts the celebrations for the 5th Centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Jesus. Although the main events will take place in Avila,  many activities will be held in different cities. An International Committee of the Teresian Association will offer several activities in honor of its patroness throughout the year. These will be announced in the space created for this purpose in this TA web.

Letter from the TA  International Commission  on the  5th Centenary of the birth of St Teresa.

It is with great joy that we finally reach October15th, 2014, opening the year marking the 5th Centenary of the birth of St Teresa of Avila, both for the Church and the world.

As a commission, our task is to promote the meaningful celebration of this event.  We invite everyone to grow together, welcoming in our time the experience and teaching of St. Teresa as a gift that heightens our Christian experience and highlights important aspects of its identity. We invite everyone to pool experiences like a new living stream of life, allowing St Teresa to walk with us, seeking out her company by getting to know her writings, stories, and experiences.

On this website and throughout this Centenary Year we can all come together pondering a weekly quotation from her writings.  Her words will unite in a common experience and a shared meaning all of us who continue to carry out Poveda’s ‘good idea’ in the world today.

Starting from now this website will offer activities planned for this Centenary Year in the space marked by the logo that was created for this occasion.

You will find  windows that will show news about events programmed by the Teresian Association. Among these, there will be an international conference on St Teresa of Avila: “Behold, the Lord invites all.” (Way of Perfection 19,15), Teresa’s Space, and publications.

May this abundant life flow gently towards each and all of you.

“Look, the Lord invites everyone… I am certain that all who do not give up on this way will come to drink this living water.”  (Way of Perfection 19, 15)

Happy Centenary year!”

From The Commission: Itziar Aguinagalde, Carmen Azaustre, Tere Berrueta, Kato Boylan,  Pilar Concejo,  Ma Carmen Diaz,  Monica Gonzales,  Berta Marco,  Ma Rita Martin, M. Teresa Martinez Ugalde,  Montse Izquierdo,  Pilar Pazos,  Raquel Perez, Claude Plettner,  Anabela Rodriguez.



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