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Saturday, 02 May 2020 11:09

Pedro Poveda, a presence that inspires and encourages


May 4 marks the seventeenth anniversary of the canonization of Pedro Poveda by Pope John Paul II in a massive ceremony in Madrid’s Plaza de Colón.

This event is in the memory of all those who were able to be present on that joyful morning when, together with the Jesuit José María Rubio and nuns Genoveva Torres, Ángela de la Cruz and María Maravillas de Jesús, Pedro Poveda was declared a saint. To remember him is also to make him present today, to share the life and work of this man, priest, humanist and educationalist, founder of the Teresian Association.

In these moments of pandemic, worldwide, where many are perhaps disoriented and searchig for meaning, Poveda inspires and accompanies us in the commitment to live the values of the Gospel and to put our trust in God and our energies at the service of the Kingdom.



Pedro Poveda is in facebook  and  twitter

The film POVEDA and Poveda's website give an outline of the life and work of this saint who continues to inspire and encourage the journey of a good number of people in different parts of the world.

To accompany us on this day, you can access here some songs inspired by words of Poveda. auriculares

Video produced in 2003 by the Pedro Poveda Secretariat, the TA Historical Archive, and the Information Department.
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