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Saint Pedro Poveda, surrounded by young people in his feast day


Around five hundred people went on Sunday July 28 to Santa María de Los Negrales to celebrate the feast of San Pedro Poveda that this year was accompanied by youngsters of Acit Joven and the celebration of 100 years of the first association of TA alumni.

The event began with the concelebrated Eucharist, chaired by Cardinal Carlos Osoro, archbishop of Madrid.


More than one hundred young people who finished their summer camp of the Acit Joven Movement in the mountains in the North of Madrid also attended the evening and had an active part in the liturgical celebration: in the songs, readings, prayers and in the offertory. Also, at the time of thanksgiving where they did a collective dance in which they expressed:

panoramica«Thank you, Lord, for always leaving your door open, for encountering us though our friends, in the family, in Acit Joven. Thank you for the Teresian Association, for Poveda's "good idea" that summons us, that unites us, that makes us feel community. Thank you for being our light if we get lost, keep on helping us looking inside and coming back to You always. We want to be youngsters that make noise in the style of Jesus, of Poveda, that everything that sounds within us resonates in our world and that we may be reminded as daydreamers.».

In his homily, the cardinal especially addressed these young people and stressed the ability of Poveda to dialogue with the culture, to think and make proposals without fear, to encourage young people like them to live inserted in a changing reality, in the style of first Christians and putting Jesus Christ at the centre of their lives.

coloquio2International Colloquium

The second part of the feast consisted of a colloquium in which several people from different parts of the world presented the past and current reality of the former students of the Teresian Association whose centenary of the creation of the first Association by Pedro Poveda It is celebrated this year.

Representatives of two other institutional realities that connect with young people also participated in this talk: the EDIW project in Madrid that supports a group of refugees, in the Colegio Mayor Padre Poveda; and by Acit Joven two testimonies: María Sáez, who has participated in the recent Youth Forum convened by Pope Francis and Justo Sampayo ACIT member that started in this movement.

To conclude, Maite Uribe, president of the TA, shared some words of encouragement looking at the future horizon of this reality of the TA alumni: “Maybe now is the time to recognize this aspect of the Association which is so diverse and rich, because now you have made the charism your own. You carry it with you in your work and your mission, and you act out of the conviction that lay people can have an associative mission in today's world. Pedro Poveda dreamed of this and this is how it was practised by the first generations of collaborators of the Academies.”, she said.

Greetings, meetings and talk between people coming from different places to join the party continued while they shared a cold dinner in the garden.


TA Department of Information.
Photographs: Rufino Gregorio.


We offer here some in video moments of the Eucharist. In the registered section for TA Friends there is a video recording of the Colloquium.

Homily extracts with subtitles in Spanishdedo

Thanksgiving prayer and dance. dedo

Selected moments of the Eucharist. dedo



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