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Saint Pedro Poveda, declared secondary patron of Holy Family parish

MANILA, Philippines

A novena in honor of Saint Pedro Poveda was held from July 19 to 27 this year, in one of the parishes of Metro Manila, Holy Family Parish of Roxas District, Quezon City.

celebration 28 july 19The parish building had been consecrated on August 18, 2018 and relics (ex ossibus) of Father Poveda were laid beneath the main altar of the church.

In a Declaration dated July 19, 2019, His Excellency Bishop Honesto F. Ongtioco, DD, of the Diocese of Cubao, named Saint Pedro Poveda Castroverde Secondary Patron of the Parish:

“In the light of the vision of the Diocese of Cubao, of a community of Christlike disciples empowered and sent through effective servant leadership, moving towards becoming a Church of the Poor… and with the mission of fulfilling the goals of the Diocese, that the faith of the people be guided by sound doctrine, exercise of worship and desire to transform the community.”

Solemn novena to celebrate Poveda's feast

Reverend Father Ron Mariano Roberto, former school chaplain of Saint Pedro Poveda College, and now parish priest of Holy Family Parish, prepared a novena guide with a different theme for each day enriched with texts taken from Saint Pedro Poveda’s writings.

Drawn by the example of Saint Pedro Poveda, his virtues, his excellence in witnessing to the Christian Faith as priest and educator, Father Ron is establishing the same ideals in the programs of the parish.

Honoring Father Poveda with a solemn novena on the occasion of the 83rd year of his martyrdom is one of his pastoral ways of bringing our Saint closer to his parishioners.

Members of the Association in Manila have taken turns to participate during the days of the novena. On the feast day of Father Poveda on July 28, a group of Teresianas attended the 12:00 noon Solemn High Mass at the Holy Family Parish and queued with the parishioners to kiss his relic, which has been offered for veneration on all days of the novena.

They were also informed that the parish has dedicated every Tuesday as St. Poveda’s Day where prayer asking for his intercession is recited before the morning and afternoon masses.

july 28 2019 celebration

In Father Ron’s sermon during the Mass he emphasized Father Poveda’s prayer life. He beautifully summarized it: “Poveda did not only pray, his life was prayer itself. He had a living dialogue with Jesus whose presence to him was the source of his moral and spiritual strength”.

Text: Teresita R. Infante.
Photos: E. J. Moleño.



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