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Consecration of a temple to Saint Pedro Poveda in Bolivia


The Teresian Association in Bolivia has recently seen a dream come true after 75 years of work in favor of education. The school Saint Pedro Poveda gives to the community of Our Lady of Guadalupe a temple dedicated to St. Pedro Poveda.

preparativosSt. Pedro Poveda was a “weaver of dreams” because he was able to dream, project and implement many of those dreams communally: “Here we all have to cooperate, all of us have our own place, duty, and responsibility”, he wrote.

temploexternoCochabamba is a city located in the center of Bolivia, where the TA has been working for 75 years promoting education and other works of human development. On December 9th 2018, one of those dreams of human promotion came true; this dream was woven by many people for more than ten years in the city, at the Pedro Poveda school, thanks to the commitment and collaboration of all sectors of this community, with the support of the members of the Teresian Association and many friends from different parts of the world.

The mission has been fulfilled in a community atmosphere, like the first Christians.

Temple consecration ceremony

The celebration began with a solemn act that took place outside the temple, with the handing over of the key of the Saint Pedro Poveda Church to Monsignor Tito Solari, who presided over the ceremony on behalf of Monsignor Oscar Aparicio, Bishop of Cochabamba.

The TA had sent from Rome a Relic of Saint Pedro Poveda and a document certifying its authenticity. In the ceremony, this relic was placed on the altar with great joy, the same sentiment that conveys the building itself, which will henceforth be dedicated to prayer and the encounter with God.eucaristía

It is worth noting the tireless work of Raquel Raynold to spread the life and work of St. Pedro Poveda that becomes a reality in this temple.

Monsignor Solari mentioned that after the consecration this is not just a chapel, it is much more than that because of the greatness and perseverance of all those who for so many years worked tirelessly to give to the community of Our Lady of Guadalupe a temple, a place of gathering, of prayer, to celebrate life together with St. Pedro Poveda, who will continue to inspire new dreams and hopes.

In each of the members of that community, the Work will continue its presence.

colegioyplaca“The men and women of God are unmistakable. They are not noticed because they are brilliant, because they dazzle, nor because of their human strength, but by their good fruits.” These words of Poveda encourage and accompany us.

Text and photographs: María Zuñiga.
Translation: C. Zabalegui and R. Cameron.



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