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2018 Bulletin published by Pedro Poveda Secretariat

MADRID, Spain.
The Pedro Poveda, Victoria Díez, and Josefa Segovia Secretariat has published a new Bulletin (in Spanish and English) with the title "The gratitude that changes the world."

In her presentation, Marisa Rodriguez, Director of the Secretariat, says:

"There are words that can change things and one of them is the word "Thank you," because it carries a positive vibe. Because it contains the recognition of a gesture, of a person, of an event, of a dream, a surprising gift. This year the entire Teresian Association has been invited to live and experience in a special way "gratitude, the other side of the gift," in the words of its President Maite Uribe. 

This Secretariat Bulletin wants to echo this affirmation through the life and itineraries of Pedro Poveda, Victoria Diez and Josefa Segovia as witnesses to men and women of our time, of the faith lived with that interior and exterior joy that brings forth gratitude.

The Report is dedicated to this theme on this occasion. We have asked how that sign of gratitude is reflected in these three biographies and the reader can see that it is a recognizable sign in different colors and languages.

The articles contained in these pages reflect also this way of being:

"Don’t you remember with gratitude those who initiated you?" asks Nieves San Martin in the one dedicated to Pedro Poveda. "Humanizing life" completes the pages on the founder of the TA. In "Il sogno di Victoria" Marany Orlando talks about Victoria D.ez. "Josefa Segovia, a woman who embodied the charism of the Teresian Association" is the title of Maria Rosa Elosúa’s article about the person

who was a key figure in the Work of Poveda.

The 'News from the Secretariat,' 'Testimonials' and other news complete the information of this Informative Bulletin.”

The bulletin can be downloaded on this page or on the official website of San Pedro Poveda.




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