Elisa Giambelluca

Elisa Giambelluca

She was born in Isnello (Italy), in 1941. She held a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and was Principal of Rossano High School.

She was a member of the Teresian Association since 1964 and died in 1986. The Diocese of Cetfalú (Italy) introduced her beatification process in 2008.

This young woman was shy, uncomplicated, joyful, with a spirit of service, and she knew how to live her friendship with God very deeply and to the last consequences.

Through the witness of her life she taught that “holiness is not a luxury,” as she wrote in her personal diary. It is not for a few that are predestined but for everyone and she added that “it was a duty” since all are called to be holy in the simplicity of daily living doing God’s will. One of the women of her town remarked: “I can be like Elisa. I like to help those in need, I am joyful… if I try, I can also be like her.”


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