Consuelo Sánchez Buchón


Born in Valencia in 1907, she completed her elementary and secondary education in different cities because her father, who worked for the army, had to move at times. She attended a Teachers’ College and the University in Bilbao and Madrid to complete her higher education degrees.

She started her professional work by teaching high school in different cities and later she taught at the Teachers’ College run by the Church in Bilbao. In this city she became Supervisor of elementary schools and later Diocesan Supervisor.

As Professor of Pedagogy, she carried out a task that would mark her professional trajectory at the service of the human and pedagogical formation of future teachers. Her human concerns, her deep faith, and her knowledge soon resonated with the pedagogical projects of Pedro Poveda. In 1925 she joined the Teresian Association, founded by him and present in various cities of Spain since 1911.

Between 1962 and 1969 she carried out important responsibilities at the National Center of Documentation and Pedagogy for Elementary Schools, first as Director of Research and later as Planning Director. From this vantage point she had the opportunity to work in the Educational System for Elementary Schools, as well as work at the higher education level, and with teachers in the classroom.

So much research and experience in the field of pedagogy, both at the theoretical and practical level, as well as her profound Christian background, were revealed not only in her contact with future teachers but also in a permanent manner in her publications that became a reference point for many generations of teachers in Spain and Latin America. In the words of Educator Ángeles Galino, “Consuelo Sánchez Buchón had a deep call to impregnate the advances of the pedagogical sciences with Christian thought.” A proof of this is her Curso de Pedagogía (Pedagogy Course) that reached 28 editions between 1953 and 1969.

Other publications: Estadística aplicada a la Pedagogía (Statistics Applied to Pedagogy), several editions since 1954; La educación según la diversidad temperamental (Education according to the Different Temperaments), 1957; Psicopedagogía de anormales (Psycho-pedagogy for the Intellectually Challenged), 1957; El educador (The Educator), 1957; Los fines de la Pedagogía (The Ends of Pedagogy), 1957; Psicopedagogía del recreo (Psycho-pedagogy for Recess),1957; Psicopedagogía del internado (Psycho-pedagogy for Boarding Schools), 1958; Pedagogía Terapéutica (Therapeutic Pedagogy), 1963; Introducción a la Educación Especial (Introduction to Special Education),1968.

Consuelo Sánchez Buchón died in Madrid in 1984. Her constant dedication to her writings, formative and popular, were always compatible with her unconditional dedication to tasks and responsibilities within the Work of Poveda, with which she was identified since her youth.

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