Thursday, 17 January 2019 10:41

To protect minors and vulnerable persons from abuse

MADRID, Spain.

The government of the Teresian Association has recently created a "Commission for proper treatment and action against abuses," to develop its own regulations and the necessary protection protocols for minors and other vulnerable persons.

It responds to the urgent call that Pope Francis has made to the whole Church in order to put an end to the situations and numerous cases that have recently been denounced, in which priests, religious and other Church members have been responsible for the abuses. Recently, the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, urged all international associations, such as the TA, to develop this regulation.

abueloComposition of the Commission

The Commission created by the TA is coordinated by Cecilia Padvalskis from the Governing Council,  Carmen Serrano Navarro and María del Mar Palacios are part of it, who from their respective professions and fields of mission have worked in formation and raising awareness about the rights of children and their protection, and in the formulation of protocols for the prevention and action against abuse and the different forms of violence.

acompañafinalvidaStarting from what has already been done

In this initial moment, knowing that in the TA there are many centers, projects and activities that have already been equipped with protocols of action to be taken in case of abuses, the Commission has asked that they be shared to start from what is already being done.

With the documentation and experiences that will be collected from the different projects and entities of the TA, the "Commission for proper treatment and action against abuses" wants to offer a program of greater awareness, training on prevention and common action measures if such abuses might be detected in the TA contexts.

Documents that can be unloaded:

Letter from the TA President announcing the creation of the commission.
Letter of the Commission.

Info IT. 17th of January 2019.
Translation: C. Zabalegui and R. Cameron.



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