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The film POVEDA was screened in France


PARIS, France.
The film POVEDA was screened in Metz, France, on the 3rd of December. Previously, it had been screened in Lyonnais on February 19th, and in Paris, on October 14 th

"Courage and gratitude" is the idea that emerges from the film as it reveals the personality of Pedro Poveda throughout the world.

The film was shown in each of the three cities in parishes and /or schools, with the participation of the general public, as well as friends, students and families linked to the Teresian Association.

On each occasion, the screening was preceded by a brief presentation of the historical context, and was followed by forum that revealed the emotion and concerns it generated in viewers. Also, the admiration for both Pedro Poveda and for those women that were so determined to change and humanize the social and cultural foundations of their time. At the end, refreshments were shared, and further dialogue continued. 

No doubt the director of the film was able to capture in the life of Pedro Poveda the fact that, moved by faith and dialogue, he could overcome all obstacles. Not even Poveda's martyrdom paralyzed such an innovative and timely Work that is also alive today.

The film also helped different people from these cities in France to get to know the Teresian Association.

Sylvie Rouffiat




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