Friday, 24 November 2017 00:00

The film POVEDA at the Spiritual Film Festival in Osma-Soria


SORIA, Spain 
On Friday, November 24, the film POVEDA was screened at the Festival on spiritual cinema, organized by the Episcopal Delegation of Social Media (MCS).  The festival takes place throughout the month of November at “Cine Roma.”  

It is about “four excellent films that transmit there suggestive messages that connect very well with Catholic faith and morals," said the episcopal delegate of MCS, Rubén Tejedor Montón.

In addition to the film POVEDA, the following movies have already been screened: "Red de libertad," set in France at the beginning of World War II, recounts the praiseworthy work of Helena Studler, a Daughter of Charity who saved the lives of thousands of French refugees by preventing them from falling prisoners to Nazi forces; "Calvary" is centered on the story of a good priest who faces an agonizing situation caused by the confession of one of his parishioners; "Luz de soledad," which will be screened on Saturday November 25th, describes the beginnings of the Servants of Mary in Madrid in 1851, and how Saint Soledad Torres Acosta guided its development and expansion until her death in 1887.

"Poveda" narrates the story of Pedro Poveda, a tenacious and innovative priest who opened paths in the field of education and in defense of women's rights in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century. He was recognized by UNESCO as "educator and humanist" and canonized by Saint John Paul II.

The projection of POVEDA took place on Friday, November 24, in two sessions: at 6 pm and at 8:15 pm

In Seville

On the same day, the film will be screened at the headquarters of the Teresian Association of this city, A film discussion will follow.








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