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The film POVEDA opens the XIII International Film Festival with Values, ​​Guadalajara Mexico 2017


The film POVEDA was chosen for the inaugural session of the XIII International Film Festival with Values (FIC) Guadalajara Mexico 2017, with the motto "Leaders create more leaders." The festival takes place from November 9-26. POVEDA was selected from among 90 films.

FIC Values introduces itself with the following statement: "We believe in the power of cinema to inspire, promote change, and create social awareness." 

The film for the premiere is chosen by an interreligious jury made up of six people of various faiths, bringing together the values "that unite them the most". Thus, it is an honor that POVEDA was chosen by the jury from among 90 films. We congratulate once again the director, Pablo Moreno, the actors and the producers, Contracorriente and Goya.

In the opening session, the festival director, P. Sergio Joel Ascencio Casilla, said that "leaders create more leaders, characters in history inspire social change." The room, with a capacity for about 700 people, was full. POVEDA, was presented by the Festival director and its coordinator.

In the audience were about 40 people linked to the Teresian Association, some from Mexico City and the State of Guanajuato, who followed the presentation with enthusiasm.

At the end of the film, Father Joel invited the audience to a film discussion to share their feelings and thoughts. Some of the expressions about POVEDA were:

  • "Wherever he was, he touched and transformed hearts, he touched each person, left a mark ...".
  • "Everything starts like a dream ... like an ideal ..."
  • "He had faith in God ... everything did not work out as he wanted, obedience led him to take other paths but he never failed to do good."

1118-2The festival director said: "The important thing behind the story of Poveda was that he left behind a significant educational project with the Teresian Association, where people are trained for change, for social and educational commitment. Something that must be understood is that from the perspective of Christian faith it is not possible to realize projects that are not in touch with reality. Pedro Poveda is concerned about what is happening, what this Teresian Work does is something precious." 

Other people made comments such as the following:  

"Poveda puts heart in whatever he does", "he opened paths in dialogue with the Church." "His life is in dialogue with the will of God"

  • "Poveda's search for truth really meant a lot to me, listening and searching without breaking the dialogue with others who thought differently about educational events".
  • "I enjoyed the commitment of the priest Pedro Poveda who, despite the situations that hampered him, always went in search of what would favor the best for the people. This is a well-made film, very attentive to details "
  • Several media, such as television, the written press, and internet echoed the inauguration. At the end of the session attendees received as a gift a copy of the book "Pedro Poveda Man of God," by María Dolores Gómez Molleda. A reception followed. 

The FIC Values website reads: "All the films that are screened during the festival contain universal human values; thus, consolidating this as a unique project throughout Latin America. This is a project that inspires many lives and helps them be better persons, using the cinematographic works that are exhibited in the festival as the main means." 

"It is about promoting an inspiring cinema that puts in the heart of the human being those values ​​that lead us to be better people, everyday heroes who give their lives, people who work in society with a big heart".

During the days of the Festival, the films are screened on different days and times according to a planned schedule.

Information: Aurora Mauleón Salto  

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