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Saturday, 05 August 2017 00:00

The film POVEDA will be screened in Cochabamba, Bolivia


The film POVEDA will be screened at Teatro Capitol in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, on Thursday, August 10. An article, written by Constantino Rojas Burgos, was published in the newspaper "Los tiempos de Cochabamba.” The following is a summary of this article.

POVEDA is the title of the film that the Teresian Association in Cochabamba will screen on Thursday, August 10, at teatro Capitol. The film captures the model of a priest, educationalist, humanist and innovator that was Pedro Poveda. It was Pedro Poveda who, at the beginning of the 20th century, in Guadix, Spain, dedicated his mission to evangelization and founded schools in the neighborhood of the Caves, which were a few hills surrounding the Andalusian city, inhabited by poor and illiterate people, known as "cueveros" (cave-dwellers).

The film characterizes Pedro Poveda as a restless priest who dreams and is thirsty to attend to the multiple needs of marginalized children and women. He identifies himself with the problem of the workers and applies the teaching of the Gospel in all his pastoral work, founding the first school of the Sacred Heart in Guadix before the unbelief and the misunderstanding of the ecclesiastical hierarchy for whom Poveda proves to be uncomfortable.

It is precisely this misunderstanding on the part of the ecclesiastical authorities that causes Poveda to be transferred to Covadonga, where he founded the Teresian Association. He receives the support of Josefa Segovia Morón, the first President of the Teresian Association and she contributes to create Academy for Women Teachers, Pedagogical Centers, and University Residences. This allows the implementation of the new school based on the relationship of faith and science which leads to a change of mentality, mainly for the women who previously dedicated their time only to housework.

The unfavorable context of the time for Poveda does not prove to be an obstacle to implementing a model of Christian education.  He lives through different challenges and promotes Christian education in a society that is moving towards chaos and civil war. At the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, Pedro Poveda is arrested and is killed as a martyr.

The work and thought of Saint Pedro Poveda are alive today in over 30 countries in the world. In Bolivia-Cochabamba, the Teresian Association founded the Catholic Teacher’s College called Sedes Sapientiae, now closed by the Plurinational State.  :ikewise, the Association also founded Pedro Poveda School in Tupuraya. Poveda would have said: "here is the school, you can study and become whatever you want.”

Constantino Rojas Burgos. The author is a journalist and Professor
Diario Los Tiempos (Cochabamba) Pedro Poveda, mártir de la educación.