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Friday, 04 August 2017 00:00

The film POVEDA enters Venezuelan homes


CARACAS, Venezuela.
Presentations of the film POVEDA continue in different contexts and countries. Araceli Ortega and Guadalupe Pérez write a review from Venezuela, a sister country that we hope will soon reach social peace and a stable democracy.

Venezuela, a beautiful land, warm, generous, and in recent times also suffering, makes POVEDA present through television. The present reality of the country has not allowed it to be taken to the big screen.

0805-4The creativity and audacity of the members of the Teresian Association in Venezuela have made it possible to say: the film POVEDA "is on the air" because Vale TV, a national television channel, announced the film 'POVEDA' in its programming. This is how Pedro Poveda has reached many homes.

Valores Educativos Televisión, better known by its acronym Vale TV, is a cultural and educational channel.  It first aired the film POVEDA on April 14, Good Friday. Then on Easter Sunday (April 16) very close to the priestly feasts of POVEDA. The film was shown both times at 7 pm, a time that guaranteed a lot of audience. And again, on Saturday, June 10, the same channel aired it again.

The celebration of the Week of Santa Teresa School, Caracas, held from April 4-7, had as its central activity the screening of the film POVEDA, which was shown to the entire Educational Community. 

There are plans to broadcast the film at the national level on TV Familia, a Catholic television channel with content of interest for the whole family. The date is pending but the necessary permits and procedures have already been processed.

POVEDA continues being shown in different places of the Venezuelan geography. In Falcon state, the Coro Seminary plans to show the film on the eve of the celebration of Seminary Day. In Trujillo state, the film has been shown to the youth group of the Diocesan Lay Council. In Boca de Tocuyo, Saint Pedro Poveda is very present; some of his relics are in this town and its inhabitants consider him “tocuyano.” They screened the film on July 28.

In the neighborhoods of the Erazo and Anauco, where the Teresian Association implements the Victoria Díez Socio-Educational Project, the film was screened on July 21. These people recognize the Association of Poveda as the one that 'makes persons', gives dignity and favors the development of the community. Caracas plans to continue projecting the film at the Institute of Theology (ITER) and at the Seminary of San José del Hatillo, among others. There are new groups waiting to present POVEDA.

Reporte Católico Laico in its invites us to read the review on "Poveda: priest, educationalist, humanist and innovator" written by journalist Isaic Calderón Bolaños. A message from Poveda is important for Venezuela now: "An educated generation makes a nation great but uneducated people can easily be the ruin of a country."

If "nothing is impossible for God" the Teresian Association in Venezuela can say: "God is great with us and we are happy." Poveda continues to speak to us in Venezuela; he continues to accompany this people who fight for freedom, because humanitarian channels are opened, that there may be food and medicines.

The life of Saint Pedro Poveda shown in the film is being a good reason for dialogue.  It is a testimony that strengthens and generates hope.

Araceli Ortega y Guadalupe Pérez, desde Caracas