Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:00

The film POVEDA in Kiwit, Congo


KIKWIT, Democratic Republic of Congo.
In the city of Kikwit in the South West region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the film POVEDA was shown to an audience of about 150 people on May 13 at Victoria Díez Center.

A group of college students from the Residence of the Teresian Association in Kikwit welcomed the audience. They had to accompany several people with umbrellas since minutes before showing the film a heavy downpour started. In addition to members of the Teresian Association, friends and students, teachers, counselors and collaborators of Victoria Díez Center participated. After a brief welcome, the film was screened.

A dialogue with the participants followed the film. The person of Pedro Poveda, his perseverance, the importance of education for social change were very well appreciated and they saw a certain similarity between the time of Pedro Poveda and the context of Kikwit today. The importance of the advancement of women was highlighted.

Several people wanted the film to be shown in their parishes and organizations, which was indicative of how much they liked the film.

The gathering continued as they shared pastries, peanuts, and soda.



Information: Begoña Clares and Manoli Gómez, from Kikwit, D. R. Congo.



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