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The film POVEDA in Bethlehem and Nazareth


In addition to Jerusalem, the film POVEDA has been screened in Nazareth and Bethlehem on February 10th and 11th. The three events were a privileged opportunity to make St. Pedro Poveda better known, and to go over the beginnings of the Teresian Association in the land of Jesus.

In Nazareth

On February 10, the film POVEDA was screened in Nazareth. Members of the Teresian Association in the Holy Land organized the event and they invited friends, families, religious, and acquaintances. Monsignor Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo, Bishop of Nazareth and Patriarchal Vicar for Israel, attended.

As in Jerusalem, after watching the film, an informal space was opened to exchange impressions. People appreciated the film and the admiration that Saint Pedro Poveda elicits was obvious. His tenacity, his courage, his acceptance of the will of God and the great emotion generated by the scenes of the end of his life were emphasized. Some testimonials:

  • Salwa: "Not only did I like the film ... it touched my heart."
  • A teacher: "I like that Pedro Poveda worked so hard for the advancement of women, and specifically, for teachers. I am a teacher and I have learned a lot about how Pedro Poveda, a man so reliable and tenacious, continues to go ahead despite many difficulties until he reaches his goal. I think I should do the same ... I think that sometimes I have ideas but I leave them aside without going all the way... Teachers should watch the movie."
  • A nun: "I was filled with emotion. The subject reaches the deepest of our being... The experience of faith to the end ... What a man. What a priest!
  • Gosayna: "The film has had a great impact on the audience. A friend told me that it has been a great encouragement for her, and that she would like to watch it again and again. What a shame it has no Arabic translation."

Monsignor Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo said at the end of the event: "Thank you very much for the invitation to watch the film but, above all, for your presence in the Holy Land and your work during the time you have been here." For several years now, the Teresian Association is not present in Nazareth.

In Bethlehem

The screening of the film POVEDA took place again in the afternoon of February 11, in Bethlehem, in the auditorium of the parish center of the Franciscans. Among the participants were friends of the Teresian Association, representatives of various religious congregations such as the Brothers of LaSalle, who oversee the Catholic University of Bethlehem. Nenita Tenefrancia, director of the Teresian Association in the region, was also present.

The film contributed to deepening into the life of Saint Pedro Poveda and the identity of the Teresian Association. The vision on the role of women in society was stressed.

Some of the viewers shared their appreciation of the film:

  • Qustandi Shomali, member of the Teresian Cooperative Association, said: "Father Poveda's actions in favor of the role of women, especially in the cultural aspect, makes him a pioneer."
  • Mariam and Agnes, members of the Teresian Association Movement, said: "This is one of the most impressive films I have ever seen. I recognized Poveda as an educator who promotes an education inspired by the values of the gospel, who strives to put women in the right place in society and who reacts without violence to the events that led him to martyrdom. I admit that at first I thought why did God allow this, but then I understood ... His testimony helps us face difficulties and fight for what is important in our lives by placing ourselves in the hands of God and accepting His will. It has made me understand my role as a woman and my participation in the struggle for the necessary changes in society, and that I must help people in their needs and educate in accordance with the values of the gospel. "This film has touched me; I cried a lot at the end, especially because of Poveda's martyrdom. I was impressed at how the actors played their roles, and how they were able to convey the personality of each characters. I am very happy that my husband and children watched the film, they are now more familiar with the heroism and holiness of Pedro Poveda whom they already knew because of how much I have told them about him."
  • Pedro, a seminarian of the Latin Patriarchate: "Poveda encountered many difficulties, but despite them he fought to the end. I admire his perseverance in doing good. For me he is a hero!.”

Information sent from the Holy Land by Asuncion Nicolau Llabata



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