Thursday, 09 February 2017 00:00

Burgos: "Set a light on a lampstand” through the film POVEDA


BURGOS, Spain.
In a few weeks, it will be a year since the premiere of the film POVEDA in Spain. Since then it has not ceased to be screened in different cities. In some cases, as in Burgos on 5 February, the experience is completed with a film discussion (there are support guides in Spanish and English for this purpose).

In the winter afternoon of February 5 in Burgos, the weather was cold and unpleasant but hope and warmth was felt by all those who arrived at the headquarters of the Teresian Association in this Castilian city.

At the beginning of this Academic Year we had planned to show the film POVEDA with the aim of making Pedro Poveda and his work known, aware that his person and his message no longer belong to us but to the Church. He is for everyone.

Many people came because they had read the news in the newspaper, in social media, or by personal invitation ...  The auditorium was filled to capacity.

After a simple and clear presentation, the film was projected in an overwhelming silence. The film discussion was a participative and lively experience on topics such as the following: Poveda as entrepreneur, peaceful, active, tenacious in his ideas, very current, always responding to emerging needs, priest in everything, with a life committed in faith; women who took risks, convinced and involved; innovative education, lay people with prominence ...

The experience was something like "placing a light on its stand" to illumine the life of many through the life of Poveda.

Anuncia de Vega, desde Burgos



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