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The film POVEDA was screened in two parishes of Madrid


MADRID, Spain.
The parish communities of Our Lady of the Pine and St. Agnes, both in Villaverde Alto, Madrid, agreed to show the film POVEDA. The event took place on January 15 in a room of the St. Agnes Parish. More than a hundred people arrived, surpassing the predicted expectations.

The pastor of St. Agnes Parish, Fr. Pedro Muñoz, had contacted Mª Antonia Criado so that someone from the Teresian Association would make a presentation. Ana Cuarental, a parishioner of Our Lady of the Pine, spoke about Saint Pedro Poveda in the social, political and educational context of the time, as well as on the process he followed to found the Teresian Association.

The silence in the room during the projection was noteworthy, only interrupted by some sobbing caused by the emotion of the plot.

At the end of the movie, people came out very grateful and happy. Among the audience were former students of the Teresian Association in Linares, Jaén, and Avila. The pastor emphasized the good brought about by the film and how good it is to use such events in their pastoral work. This is especially important because both parishes have the task to "make known and remember the life of saints who have been martyrs in Madrid and visit the places of pilgrimage or reference linked to them." Thus, on January 29, members of the parish communities visited Santa Maria de Los Negrales Spirituality Center, where the remains of Saint Pedro Poveda are venerated.

After the screening, a conversation continued with the priest of St. Agnes Parish, a group of lay collaborators from the parish and people from the Teresian Association. They commented on the film and aspects of the lives of Saint Pedro Poveda and Josefa Segovia.

Information by Mª Antonia Criado



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