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The film POVEDA was screened in San Sebastián


"Humility, daring, confidence, courage ... joining hands and letting God take you wherever He wishes ..." are some of the comments of one of the alumni after the screening of the film POVEDA, on November 25 at 6:00 PM at a cinema in San Sebastian.

This was an awaited moment by many people close to the Teresian Association in San Sebastián since it had not been possible to screen the film after its premiere in March in theaters of the city.

Shortly before 6:00 PM, the room, with a capacity of 130 people, was full. In the audience there were former students, members of the Teresian Association, family, and friends, al with different knowledge of Pedro Poveda and the Association.

The session began with a brief presentation of the film and the prizes awarded to it, as well as the life story of Saint Pedro Poveda, highlighting his commitment to education for all strata of society and the role of women in education.

At the end of the film we shared some time for dialogue. A former student (mentioned at the beginning), expressed the emotion she felt throughout the film, her knowledge of the academies and the great step forward taken by women, guided by Poveda. She also shared how throughout the film, she had discovered Pedro Poveda as a person: his commitment to the poorest in the caves of Guadix, his serenity at the unfair news that he had to abandon that project to which he was devoting the life, his silence and departure from Guadix "without making noise" ... And later, he impelled others and trusted them to carry forth the Work. This was one of the many voices that expressed gratitude that afternoon for having been able to learn more about the life and work of Pedro Poveda.

That was a time for gathering, of grateful memory, of reviving the sense of family and what resonates within ithose who have grown up, in one way or another, in dialogue with the charism of Poveda.

Once again, Poveda convened, questioned, became closer, encouraged dialogue and built bridges.

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