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Guide on the "historical background" of the film POVEDA


MADRID, Spain.
Given the large number of screenings and projections of the film POVEDA in different cities, due to the availability of DVDs and Blu-rays, we offer a guide on the "historical background" that can be of help when organizing forums or discussions on it. There is also a didactic guide for use in schools or by groups of young people. These are presented on December 3, the anniversary of the birth of St. Pedro Poveda, as a tribute to him and with gratitude.

The guide, "Historical background, is an extensive tool organized in accordance with the script of the film. It offers bibliographic resources, many of which have been sources of inspiration for the filmmakers. It reveals some meanings of the film techniques used and it responds to issues raised by different people in different dialogues held since the film's premiere on March 4 in theaters in Spain.

The purpose of the guide is to promote understanding of the historical context in places where the history of Spain, especially in the first decades of the twentieth century, is less well known.

The instrument, as well as the didactic guide, may be downloaded from the official website of Saint Pedro Poveda (film tab). In this section of the web some interesting interviews and opinions about the film may be found and these may be used as part of a forum. Here one may also listen to a demo of the sound track, which may also be purchased. 

You may also share your guide

We thank those people or groups who have designed, or are thinking of designing, other guides or didactic resources about the film POVEDA.  If you would like to share them, please send them to the electronic address of the Information Department of the Teresian Association: info@institució




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