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Thursday, 01 December 2016 00:00

Update on the film POVEDA: awards, nominations, and screenings


MADRID, Spain. 
The film POVEDA continues being screened in different countries through festivals, private screenings and/or film shows. In addition to Chile, in America the film has already been screened in Ecuador, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Peru, Uruguay, and Brazil.  In a s few days it will be screened in Colombia and Argentina.  It has also been premiered in Equatorial Guinea, Ireland, and soon it will be screened in France. On December 3, anniversary of the birth of Saint Pedro Poveda, the movie will be screened n Manila, Philippines.

Thirty Goya Award Nominations

The film has received thirty nominations to the prestigious Goya Awards 2016: best film; best director, Pablo Moreno; best original script: Pablo Moreno and Pedro Eugenio Delgado; best original music: Óscar Martín Leanizbarrutia; best actor: Raúl Escudero; best actress protagonist: Elena Furiase; best supporting actor: Carlos Cañas, Carlos Pinedo, Fran Calvo, Javier Bermejo, Juan Alberto López, Roberto Chapu, Vicente Gil, Xiqui Rodríguez; best supporting actress: Ainhoa ​​Aldanondo, Andrea Guardiola, Eva Higueras González, Gladys Balaguer, Manuela Vicente, Maribel Carro, Marta Ruiz De Viñaspre, Sara Velasco; best actor revelation: Miguel Berlanga; best actress revelation: Silvia García Iglesias; best photography director: Rubén D. Ortega; best editor: María Esparcia; best artistic director: Aránzazu Gaspar; best costume design: Patrocinio Azpeleta; best makeup and hairdresser: Margarita Prieto Barrios, Nahia Martín Leanizbarrutia; best sound: Roberto Alonso Doniz, Ivan Mayoral.

155 films have been submitted. Nominations will be announced on December 14.

Awards in Argentina and Poland

The Buenos Aires festival, “Arte Non Stop,” celebrated last September, selected the film POVEDA as best film. In addition, Raúl Escudero received the award of best international actor for his interpretation of Pedro Poveda. Pablo Moreno won the award for best director, Aránzazu Gaspar the award for best art director and Patrocinio Azpeleta for best costume design. All of the above were received within the category of International Feature.

The Niepokalanow 2016 International Catholic Film and Multimedia Festival awarded POVEDA the title of best foreign film. The Polish festival received over 137 films and television programs, 19 radio programs, and 6 multimedia programs from eighteen countries: Indonesia, Slovakia, India, the United States, Croatia, Chad, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, France, Spain, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Great Britain, Italy, Zimbabwe and Poland.

The ceremony was closed at St. John Paul II gallery of the Porczynski Museum in Warsaw before civil and ecclesiastical authorities. This film continues to accumulate awards around the world, and Goya Producciones has released the film on DVD and Blu-ray in Spain with great success in stores and bookstores across the country.

Other awards

The POVEDA film, which received the Mirabile Dictu Prize in Rome in April, was also honored by the International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality held in Jakarta, where it won the International Award of Outstanding Excellence, in addition to Best film of the Online International Film Festival SE (OIFF). It became a semifinalist at the American Film Award and was selected for screening at BAF 2016, at the International Catholic Film Festival of Brazil, at Santo Domingo Catholic Film Festival, and Montevideo (Uruguay) last October.

Additionally, the film is being shown in many parishes, cultural centers, seminaries, schools, etc. and some are holding forums.

The DVDs and Blu-rays may be purchased in stores and through online platforms. Also at Santa Maria of Los Negrales Spirituality Center and at Saint Pedro Poveda Secretariat in Madrid (Príncipe de Vergara,88)


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