Tuesday, 15 November 2016 00:00

The film POVEDA screened in Dublin


DUBLIN, Ireland.
Nearly two hundred people emerged from the Omniplex Cinema in Rathmines, Dublin, surprised, moved, inspired and challenged.  They had just seen the film Poveda, screened on Saturday 15 October, sub-titled in English.

As we met in the lobby, there was so much to say, and many shared the same words and expressions as they spoke of the impact of the film.

Many people highlighted the superb cinematography that set the scene for the episodes of Poveda’s life, showing aspects of Spain that were different to the usual images we know. As the story unfolded, some references could only be understood by those familiar with the history of Spain. More than one person remarked, “I must read more about the Spanish Civil War” and “I understand the Teresian Association better.”

The way Poveda pioneered higher education for women was not lost on the Dublin audience who appreciated its significance in those times and in that society. His commitment to educating the poor was also movingly portrayed.  We felt inspired and challenged by it.

The audience had totally engaged with the drama of that life lived with such commitment. Following the action closely, many shed tears as the film came to the final moments.  No-one moved as the credits rolled a testimony to our need to savour and absorb the experience.  Congratulations to Goya producciones and all who made this film possible.

Kato Boylan



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