Tuesday, 13 September 2016 00:00

The film "Poveda" receives new awards and will be screened in several countries


MADRID, Spain.
The film "Poveda," inspired by the life of St. Pedro Poveda, will be screened in several countries. It has received awards and recognition at several film festivals.

After the success in Chile, the film "Poveda" will be shown in Ecuador, starting on September 30, in Cinemark theaters in Guayaquil and Quito (Ecuador). In December it will be screened in English in the Philippines where it is being dubbed, thanks to the collaboration of the Teresian Association and a Producer of the country. In Equatorial Guinea it will be screened on October 21.  Also steps are being taken for screening in Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru and the US (Miami, Florida).

“Poveda” in Film Festivals

In addition, "Poveda" continues to receive awards and is screened at festivals around the world such as the Art Non Stop Film Festival of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in September, the Film Festival of Montevideo (Uruguay) in October, and the Catholic Film Festival in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).

The latest award received comes from Indonesia, at the "International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration, and Equality" held in Jakarta. There the film POVEDA won the "Outstanding International Award of Excellence."  It has received two other awards: Mirabile Dictu 2016 and the International Film Festival Online SE (OIFF). Also, "Poveda" has been semifinalist at the American Film Award and selected for screening at BAF 2016, at the International Catholic Film Festival of Brazil and Catholic Film Festival of Santo Domingo.

The original version of the film is in Spanish and it is in the process of being subtitled in English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal). Also, a contract has been signed to dub the film into Italian.

The film in DVD and Blu-Ray

The version of the film in DVD and Blu-Ray is scheduled for October in Spain.



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