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POVEDA, awarded Best Film at Mirabile Dictu Festival


ROME, Italy.
The jury of the International Catholic Film Festival, Mirabile Dictu, sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Culture, has chosen "Poveda" as best film of the 2016 edition. The awards were announced at a gala dinner on Thursday, June 23, at the Palazzo della Cancelleria, of the Holy See.

The prize is a statuette of "a silver fish," inspired in the early Christians. Andrés Garrigo, Director of Goya Producciones, received it on behalf of the production teams. In his remarks, he thanked the film's director, Pablo Moreno, and the film editor, Maria Esparcia (Three Columns Entertainment) present at the gala; as well as the Teresian Association, represented by Lola Martin, Vice-president of the Association (Maite Uribe, President, could not attend) and Laura Moreno Marrocos, Director of the Information Department. Also present at the gala were Cardinal Santos Abril y Castelló, Archpriest of the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore, a great friend an alumnus of the Teresian School of Teruel, Spain; Josemaria Muñoz and Ismal Durán (Goya Producciones); and Jesús Sánchez, spanish priest.


The gala began at about 9:00 PM in a magnificent Renaissance palace hall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, expressed the meaning of this Council’s sponsorship of Mirabile Dictu Festival: The relationship between faith and art and the Aristotelan meaning of the beautiful and the good. In this conceptual context he appreciated the film as one of the great artistic expressions of our time, through which we can transmit ideas and values.

Liliana Mirabini, President and founder of the Festival, thanked the audience and the jury. She said that the Festival wants to recognize and promoter filmmakers and film producers that are inspired by Christian values ​​and make a contribution to the Catholic Church. She also presented her latest film "Mothers" about the drama of families of young Europeans who adhere to jihadism. It will be released in October in Italy.

Cardinal Santos Abril y Castelló was invited to bless the table. Then, and throughout the gala dinner, the films nominated in the different categories were presented: best short film, best documentary, best director, best film. Also, prizes were also awarded to EWTN/James Kelty & Associates (U.S.A.) as promoter and producer of content with values ​​and evangelization, and to Bibi Ballandi for his career as a Catholic personality in the film and television industry.

"Poveda,” directed by Pablo Moreno (Spain) had been nominated along with "Infernet," by Giuseppe Ferlito (Italy) and "I Trust in You," by Aleksas Matvejevas (Lithuania).

The award was received with great joy and excitement at the so-called Velazquez table, where those associated with "Poveda" were seated. Congratulations and best wishes were repeated. This is the second statuette awarded to Pablo Moreno because he received his first in 2014 for his movie "A forbidden God."

El film fue valorado en su calidad y por el contenido de la vida de San Pedro Poveda que ofrece: "un sacerdote promotor de la dignidad y derechos de las mujeres y de la educación en su conjunto. Y porque no renunció a su fe en el contexto de intolerancia religiosa 

The film was praised for its quality and its content on the life of St. Pedro Poveda. It presents "a priest who promoted the dignity of women and the right to education, and who did not renounce his faith in the context of religious intolerance in which he lived in Spain in the early thirties."

The Fish, the statuette for the prize of the Festival, was a symbol used as identification by the first Christian communities. It goes well with the admiration Saint Pedro Poveda had towards those men and women who changed history only by the power of love and faith. Throughout his life he invited others, especially people related to the Teresian Association, to live like them, in the midst of society, in their social and cultural realities, according to their professions and occupations, announcing the Gospel of Jesus with their lives and with the ideals of love and fraternal communion.

Congratulations to everyone who made the film "Poveda" possible, to the viewers that continue to support the film in Spain and in other countries. Thanks to the jury of Mirabile Dictu Festival.

Laura Moreno Marrocos, from Rome



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