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Chile: First premiere of the film POVEDA outside Spain


On Saturday, April 23, the film POVEDA premiered in Hoyts La Reina Cinemas in Santiago de Chile.  Francisca Feria Martin, Director of the Teresian Association in Chile, and Julio Pozo, of “Productora Aerópago,” presented the film to an audience who filled the movie theater. Chile was the first country to receive the educational activity of the Teresian Association outside Spain, in 1928.

Below is a brief story with impressions of the premiere, received from Santiago de Chile.


Experience of the premiere

"Memory, encounter, momentum," are the words that express the impact of the film POVEDA on hundreds of spectators who filled the first movie theater that hosted the film outside Spain.

We lived the movie as a visit from Father Poveda to our land, this piece of the the world that was only visited by his voice through telephone calls to the first people of the Teresian Association (TA) in our continent. What a beautiful family atmosphere we breathed at the premiere! What signs of affection for Pedro Poveda and the TA!

On a cool Saturday morning, friends, family, members of the TA, and other guests, entered into the depth of a testimony that grabs us from the beginning, that captivates us to place our life in what is essential. Pedro Poveda’s life was given to Jesus Christ with a lucid and persistent option, seeker of spaces for education and the role of women in the construction of history and the promotion of change.

Surely we can say that those details that can transform the world were lived by watching this premiere of this feature film POVEDA in Santiago de Chile. On reaching the movie theater we were greeted with the warmth and smiles of a group of young students of the Teresian School, who led us to the room where the film would be screened.

Upon entering a room full of familiar and excited people, what a good feeling we had! We shared a special moment, summoned by Pedro Poveda.

Julio Pozo, from Aerópago Producciones and Maria Francisca Feria, director of the TA in Chile,presented the film. Both stressed the importance of this film on the life of Pedro Poveda. It describes a broad educational reflection and commitment to the leading role of women in social transformation. They also invited us to be promoters of the film so that, using it as a springboard, Poveda may continue contributing to the world today. There are many aspects in today’s society that are similar to the context in which he lived and that he was able to read with such clarity and commitment.

The first images, so suggestive, started filling us with spiritual density and emotions. The silence, deep and fruitful, became palpable. Somehow we became accomplices of Poveda, as if led by his hand, to go through the geography of his homeland and the rugged geography of his searches and choices, his toils and encounters, his call to a new life, still latent in the first planting.


What a wealth of images and content! It was a good reason to thank the approach to the troubled and challenging historical context in which the protagonist lived, as well as the contact with the human, geographical, and cultural landscape where his mission developed. The film gives us today a more objective understanding of his "calling to this kind of apostolate," the creativity of his response, the commitment of the first Teresians, and the uprooting of his message in our culture.

After the movie, we again say Thanks because we have journeyed with Father Pedro through the aridity of those hills and the human, simple and engaging welcoming made us feel like those cave-dwellers and shed light on the many Guadix-like areas of our country.

Thank you because we went to Covadonga with him and we felt that humid and cold place where, taking cover only under the hard work of serious study and prayerful trust, near the homely warmth of Mary.


We reached the significant silence that marked the end of the film. We remained inside the movie theater for a few moments, experiencing emotions, treasuring a kind of encounter with Father Poveda, a man of God, a committed and good priest ... And a spontaneous applause broke out ... What a good movie! Viva Pedro Poveda! was heard in the room. It was followed by a time for comments, impressions, and challenges.  It was a rich sharing of TA life.

From Chile we congratulate those who made the film possible, for giving us this creation which is art and a statement, encounter, memory, and strength to all those good people who dream of another way to live, act, and communicate.


Anita López González, from Santiago de Chile

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