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The film POVEDA is presented in the Vatican Film Library


On Tuesday, April 12 at 4:00 PM, the film POVEDA was screened in Cardinal Deskur room of the Vatican Film Library, located at San Carlo Palace, before representatives of dicasteries, congregations and religious orders, lay associations, priests and media.


Dr. Claudia Di Giovanni, director of the Vatican Film Library, started the event promptly with a brief greeting. She highlighted the significance for the Cinematheque to offer film screenings, such as the film POVEDA.

Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, said that "from the beginning, we wanted to present the film at the Holy See. We arrive as pilgrims in this Jubilee year of Mercy. We can say that Poveda's life is a hymn to the mercy of God. " At the end she gave the floor to Josemaría Muñoz, executive producer of Goya Producciones; Pablo Moreno, director of the film and Contracorriente Producciones; and Raul Escudero, protagonist.  Then, the movie was shown.

At the end of the film’s credits, the applause expressed the appreciation and excitement of those present. Cardinal Santos Abril y Castelló, Archpriest of the Roman basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, shared his impressions with the audience. "I will do everything possible to recommend the Pope to see the film," he said. "Because he will see himself reflected in the figure of Poveda." He highlighted the social dimension, Poveda’s attention to the poor, his way of living the priesthood, the importance Poveda gives to mercy in very difficult times, and his concern for promoting a greater role for women in the Church, an issue so important to the Pope. Pedro Poveda “tries to give due dignity to women in the Church," he added.


He also said the film reflects very well the social and political climate that existed in Spain in the first thirty years of last century, when Poveda lived. He stressed that "this allows us to approach his life more faithfully."

Other people said similar things, some containing their emotion. Among the spectators there were film critics, producers and distributors. Steps were taken steps to project POVEDA in some cinemas in Italy, always in dialogue with members of the Teresian Association in Italy.

A place as a sign

Cardinal Deskur room has a capacity for 54 seats, plus a 12 chairs that can be added. All the seats were occupied. The room was restored in 2005 and has excellent acoustic conditions and technology. It is a beautiful room with high ceilings, dominated by a large image of Christ. It is located near Santa Marta residence where Pope Francis lives, in the heart of the Vatican City.


Its history, the treasures it houses and the location of the Vatican Film Library give a special meaning to the world of cinema. It holds more than 8000 films. It was inaugurated on November 16, 1959 by John XXIII in order to collect and preserve films on the life of the Church andits pontiffs. Karol Józef Wojtyla was in the room to watch the film “Life is Beautiful” with Italian director Roberto Benigni.

Friendly meeting at the headquarters of the Teresian Association

After the screening, members of Contracorriente Proucciones and Goya Producciones, and other friends participated in an informal dinner at the headquarters of the Teresian Association in Rome. A very pleasant climate was created through exchange and fellowship.


0414-6A special, moving moment for some visitors was seeing the scarf, today a relic, that Father Poveda was wearing at the time of his death and is stained by his blood.

Media interviews

In the morning of April 12, on the occasion of the presentation of the film POVEDA in the Vatican Film Library, Pablo Moreno, Raul Escudero, Josemaria Muñoz, and Laura Moreno were interviewed by Vatican Radio, Rome Reports, Zenit and Agencia EFE, among others. We offer audio links to Vatican Radio interview with Monica Zorita, and other media.


Interview with Pablo Moreno, Raul Escudero and Laura Moreno, Vatican Radio (audio):  ‘Poveda’, la película que recuerda al sacerdote que hizo tanto por la inclusión educativa de la mujer en España. 

Salamanca al Día: La película Poveda fue proyectada en la tarde del martes en la Filmoteca Vaticana.

El diario vasco and El ConfidencialEl director de "Poveda", que se presenta en Vaticano, defiende su feminismo 

Door of Forgiveness

Several members of the delegations of the producers and of the Teresian Association entered through the Door of Forgiveness of the Basilica of St. Peter, a sign of the Jubilee of Mercy. People from all over the world enter through this door everyday.

Laura Moreno Marrocos, from Roma


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