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The film "Poveda" has been in theaters for over a month and is the sixth most watched


MADRID, Spain.
After a month in theaters, the movie "Poveda" has reached the sixth position among the Spanish films seen in 2016, according to comScore data released by the Ministry of Culture on Thursday, March 31. The film about the life of Pedro Poveda has been seen by more than 28,000 viewers.

On April 1 the movie was premiered in Guadalajara; on April 7 it will shown in Salamanca with the presence of the director and executive producer, and on April 15 it will be shown in Cuenca, Torrijos and Pozoblanco. In cities such as Madrid, the film is still being shown. This information can be found at

Josemaria Muñoz, executive producer of Goya Producciones, recently stated: "Poveda is proving to be a film that reaches people because of its humanity, respect, and spiritual value." "Many schools have called us to arrange special screenings in theaters. It is a film with many values," he added. 

In the Holy See and other countries

A special screening of the film POVEDA will be held in the film library of the Vatican on April 12, with the attendance of Maite Uribe, President of the Teresian Association, members of the Governing Council; and members of Three Columns Entertainment, Goya Producciones and the TA Department of Information.

The subtitles in English and Italian are almost ready.  In Chile the film will be shown in a a couple of weeks and at the end of the month, or early in May, it will be shown in Equatorial Guinea. 



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