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Pedro Poveda at the 30th Congress of the Association of Archivists of the Church in Spain

JAÉN, Spain.
Since this year marks the centennial of the diocesan and civil approval of the Teresian Association in Jaén,1917, its founder Pedro Poveda, the saint from Linares, had an important relevance in the presentations of the XXX Congress of the Association of Archivists of the Church in Spain, September 11-15. Attendees also visited Guadix to learn about the altruistic work of Father Poveda.

0921-2The Association of Archivists of the Church of Spain, presided over by the vicar general of the Diocese of Jaén, Francisco Juan Martínez Rojas, gathered to celebrate its thirtieth congress in Jaén and Guadix, with the participation of about fifty members from the diocesan archives and archives of the cathedrals of Spain.

The inaugural presentation, "Social Catholicism and Archives of the Church," was given by the Bishop of Jaén, Amadeo Rodríguez Magro, who was accompanied by the mayor, Javier Márquez, and the Vice-President of the University of Jaén, Maria Dolores Rincón.

The Bishop of Jaén greeted the participants and expressed the purpose of the Congress: "the presentations will focus on the preservation and custody of diocesan archives so that they are at the service of society and researchers, as well as universities. The Church is memory, a memory that must be enriching," he said.

Javier Márquez, mayor of the city, said: "in Jaén, the Catholic imprint is noticeable, not only in extraordinary buildings that are erected, as is the Cathedral, but also in the many religious festivities held here." Referring to archivists, he said: "The work they do is important. We all know that Spain is a non-denominational state. The documentation that exists in the Church shows an x-ray of what society has been like through history. The archivists have a legacy and a job, which I want to bring to light because it is very important and it is very remarkable that this congress is held in Jaén."

On Wednesday, September 13th, the participants went to Guadix where they visited the cathedral, the neighborhood of the Caves and the new Diocesan Archives, located in the Church of La Magdalena.

Mª Dolores Peralta Ortiz, director of ESCUNI (Teacher’s College), gave two talks: "Pedro Poveda in Guadix: education and social Catholicism in Spanish early twentieth century " and "Pedro Poveda and social and educational action in the neighborhood of the caves."

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